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AGREEMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT is by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a Political Subdivision of the <br />State of Florida organized and existing under the Laws of the State of Florida, (hereinafter called <br />OWNER) <br />and Costello Brothers Marine Construction. Inc. <br />(hereinafter called CONTRACTOR). <br />OWNER and CONTRACTOR, in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth, <br />agree as follows: <br />ARTICLE 1 - WORK <br />1.01 CONTRACTOR shall complete all Work as specified or indicated in the Contract <br />Documents. The Work is generally described in Article 2, below. <br />ARTICLE 2 - THE PROJECT <br />2.1 The Project for which the Work under the Contract Documents may be the whole or only a <br />part is generally described as follows: Miscellaneous improvements to a pollution removal <br />facility called PC Main Screening System. Work includes, but is not limited to: saw cut <br />three reinforced concrete channel divider walls and one reinforced concrete inlet throat <br />wall; refurbish Duperon FlexRake No. 1; furnish and install a new davit crane and <br />relocate existing davit crane; and remove mud, silt, debris, etc. from bottom of the <br />treatment facility; all as shown or implied in the Contract Documents. <br />2.2 Project Name: REINFORCED CONCRETE WALL SAWING AND DUPERON <br />FLEXRAKE REHABILITATION AT PC MAIN SCREENING SYSTEM <br />2.3 Bid Number: 2017049 <br />2.4 Project Address: 1700 Aviation Boulevard, Vero Beach, FL 32960. <br />ARTICLE 3 — ENGINEER <br />3.01 The Stormwater Division of the Indian River County Public Works Department is <br />hereinafter called the ENGINEER and will act as OWNER's representative, assume all <br />duties and responsibilities, and have the rights and authority assigned to ENGINEER in <br />the Contract Documents in connection with the completion of the Work in accordance with <br />the Contract Documents. <br />ARTICLE 4 - CONTRACT TIMES <br />4.1 Time of the Essence <br />A. All time limits for Milestones, if any, Final Completion, and completion and readiness for <br />final payment as stated in the Contract Documents are of the essence to the Contract. <br />4.2 Days to Achieve Final Completion and Final Payment <br />00520 - Agreement <br />00520 - 1 <br />F.\Purchasing \Bids\2016-2017 FY (2017000)\2017049 Concrete Sawing PC Main Rebid\00520 - Agreement.doc Rev. 05/01 <br />