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TABLE OF CONTENTS <br />Section No. Title <br />DIVISION 0 - BIDDING DOCUMENTS, CONTRACT FORMS, AND CONDITIONS OF THE <br />CONTRACT <br />00001 Cover Sheet <br />00010 Table of Contents <br />BIDDING DOCUMENTS <br />00100 <br />Advertisement for Bids <br />00200 <br />Instructions to Bidders <br />00300 <br />Bid Package Contents <br />00310 <br />Bid Form & Itemized Bid Schedule <br />00430 <br />Bid Bond <br />00452 Sworn Statement under Section 105.08, Indian River County Code, on <br />Disclosure of Relationships <br />00456 Qualifications Questionnaire <br />00458 List of Subcontractors <br />CONTRACT FORMS <br />00510 <br />Notice of Award <br />00520 <br />Agreement <br />00550 <br />Notice to Proceed <br />00610 <br />Public Construction Bond <br />00620 <br />Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance <br />00622 <br />Contractor's Application for Payment <br />00630 <br />Certificate of Substantial Completion <br />00632 <br />Contractor's Final Certification of the Work <br />CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT <br />00700 EJCDC Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract <br />00800 Supplementary Conditions to the General Conditions <br />00942 Change Order Form <br />00946 Field Order Form <br />00948 Work Change Directive <br />00010-1 <br />F:\PublicWorks\ENGINEERING DIVISION PROJECTS\1705 Buildings A& B Roof Replacement\1-Admin\Bid Documents\Master Contract <br />Documents\00010 - Table of Contents - REV 04-07.doc <br />