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WORK ORDER NUMBER #7 <br />Roseland Community Center - Building Analysis <br />This Work Order Number 7 is entered into as of this 13 day of June , 2017, pursuant to that <br />certain Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services, dated November 15, 2011, and that <br />certain Extension and Amendment of Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services entered into <br />as of the 4th day of November, 2014 (collectively referred to as the "Agreement"), by and between INDIAN <br />RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("COUNTY") and MBV Engineering, Inc. <br />("Consultant"). <br />SCOPE OF WORK <br />It is our understanding that the Engineering Division requests a complete building analysis for the <br />Roseland Community Center. The analysis shall include the existing foundations, existing condition <br />of the roofing system (both framing and finishes shall be inspected), repair of the flooring system <br />including the subfloors. The analysis shall also include windows, current water / termite damage <br />throughout the entire structure, current ADA compliance, sidewalks, and any other issues observed <br />during the on-site inspection. <br />We further understand that the Indian River County Engineering Division is requesting our office to <br />prepare an estimated cost of repair all observed issues that are uncovered during the analysis. <br />MBV Engineering, Inc. will provide the on-site building inspection, preparation of a detailed report <br />of findings, and prepare of detailed estimated cost of repair related to the above activities. <br />1. Inspection (Existing Conditions) <br />CONSULTANT will obtain all plans detailing the buildings components prior to inspection. In <br />addition, the CONSULTANT shall perform a visual inspection of the building and all of its <br />structural components. The Consultant will prepare an assessment of all accessible elements <br />including, but not limited to roof elements, windows, doors, floor framing and flooring <br />elements. The Consultant will prepare a code compliance review for accessibility and life <br />safety. The consultant will also assess the extent of any and all moisture/termite damage <br />discovered at the time of inspection as well as sidewalk damages and any other issues <br />observed during the on-site inspection. <br />2. Findings Report <br />The Consultant will prepare a detailed findings report from the on-site inspection and <br />evaluation. This report will include photographs taken during our inspection. This report will <br />also include repair recommendations. <br />3. Repair Cost Estimate <br />The Consultant will prepare a detailed estimate of repair costs for all observed deficiencies <br />based on proposed repairs. <br />