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ORDINANCE 2017- 004 <br />the county. Private access easements shall be considered "private platted rights-of- <br />way (street)" for purposes of this section, if: <br />a. The physical roadway located within the easements(s) existed prior to the <br />county's road frontage requirement (December 8, 1973). The alignment of the <br />physical roadway may be shifted from its 1973 location if the roadway remains <br />in the same general location and retains its 1973 beginning and ending points; <br />and <br />b. The physical roadway has a passable width for two-way traffic meeting county <br />local road standards (twenty (20) feet for single-family development); and <br />c. A notarized letter, acceptable to the county attorney's office in regard to form <br />and legal sufficiency, from the person or entity responsible for road maintenance <br />is filed with the county and recorded in the public records, indicating the person <br />or entity responsible for maintenance and the method of maintenance performed; <br />and <br />d. The person(s) proposing the lot split files for and obtains administrative approval <br />from staff, verifying that requirements are satisfied regarding private road right- <br />of-way frontage. <br />Note: Parcels created between September 21, 1990 and December 4, 1991 are subject to <br />the sixty (60) contiguous feet (rather than a minimum lot width) frontage requirement, <br />regardless of the zoning district in which the property is located. <br />(D) Commence the construction of any improvements required under this chapter without <br />first having obtained a land development permit from Indian River County or fail to <br />construct or maintain improvements in accordance with an approved land development <br />permit, plat approval or requirements of this chapter. <br />(E) Create a public or private right-of-way (street) without platting in accordance with the <br />applicable provisions of this chapter. <br />(F) Divide any lot or tract in a platted residential subdivision that was approved by the board <br />of county commissioners of Indian River County in a manner which results in a <br />construction -site smaller than or inconsistent with the surrounding lots in the subdivision <br />unless approved by the board of county commissioners. <br />1. Any request to divide a lot or tract in such a manner shall be reviewed and considered <br />as follows: <br />a. The technical review committee (TRC) shall review the request and make a <br />recommendation to the planning and zoning commission; <br />b. The planning and zoning commission at a public hearing shall review the request <br />and make a recommendation to the board of county commissioners; <br />Bold Underline: Additions to Ordinance <br />Strike through: Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br />2 <br />