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Quotation Date: 12/16/2016 <br />Inquiry Number: 25320 Page 2 of 4 <br />NOT INCLUDED: <br />Control Pane! <br />Dewatering Equipment <br />Concentrator/Hydrocyclone <br />Blower or diffusers <br />All concrete work <br />Field assembly/erection or installation <br />Interconnecting piping, wiring and conduit <br />Field paint or painting <br />Lubricants <br />Field testing or grit performance testing <br />Grouting <br />Airlift <br />Anti -siphon valve (required by others) <br />PLC Program Copy (if applicable) <br />Smith & Loveless, Inc. will provide one electronic copy of the O&M on CD in PDF format and four hard copies of <br />the O&M. Additional copies can be provided for $50 per copy. <br />PRICE, SUBMITTAL DATA & DELIVERY: <br />$ 86,924.00 Base Bid <br />$ 7,000.00 Deduct for epoxy painted carbon steel fabricated components <br />F.O.B. factory plus any taxes, which may apply. Truck/Rail freight allowed to the job site, rail siding or <br />nearest unloading area -unloading to be by Buyer. Due to the spike in gas prices, which is beyond the <br />control of Smith & Loveless at the time of our quotation/bid, a fuel surcharge may need to be assessed <br />at time of shipment. <br />Due to wide fluctuations and increases in the price of stainless and carbon steel components we are <br />experiencing in very short time frames, the sales price of the equipment quoted herein is subject to an <br />escalation in price. Escalation shall be based upon the increase in the Producer Price Index, U.S. <br />Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics -Group: Machinery and Equipment: Special Industry <br />Machinery and Equipment, Series Id-WPU116 (the "Index"). The escalation shall be calculated based <br />upon the percentage increase of the monthly index between the date of this quotation and the date of <br />shipment of the equipment (i.e. the index for the month of the shipment minus the index for the month <br />of quotation divided by the index for the month of quotation, multiplied by the quoted price). Note there <br />is approximately 2-4 month delay in the publishing and finalizing of these indexes by the Federal <br />Government. Therefore, the escalation will be calculated at the time the index for both months has <br />been published and finalized. <br />Pricing is firm for 45 days from bid date. <br />Two (2) days supervision of initial operation, start-up and operator training over one (1) trip is included. <br />If additional days are required, Seller will furnish a factory -trained supervisor for $925 per day including <br />travel time plus actual travel expenses. <br />With continuing approval of the Smith & Loveless Credit Department, payments terms are 100% Net 30 <br />days from date of shipment, or at time of start-up, whichever occurs first. <br />Seller to send Submittal Data for approval 4-6 weeks after receipt of complete details at Seller's factory. <br />Manufacturing completion is estimated 14-16 weeks after receipt in Seller's office of approved <br />