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ORDINANCE 2017- 008 <br />area may constitute up to thirty (30) percent (up to sixty (60) percent in the SR 60/IRSC <br />preferred location area, not to exceed a total of thirty (30) acres of commercial area) <br />of the project's land area. <br />(6) For purposes of these mixed use regulations, commercial area shall include buildings, <br />parking areas, and adjacent improvements that serve commercial uses. Open space areas <br />and common areas/improvements that are shared with residential uses, however, shall not <br />be treated as commercial area. <br />(7) <br />(8) <br />Commercial uses allowed in mixed-use P.D.s shall be limited to lodging, institutional, <br />office, retail (excluding gas stations but including fuel sales), personal services, and <br />restaurant uses, and live/work/commercial flex space. <br />Drive -up windows are permitted for banks and pharmacies or similar retail uses. Drive -up <br />windows shall be designed to not impede pedestrian access to any buildings. Drive-thru <br />and drive -up facilities for restaurants are allowed in mixed use P.D.s, subject to the <br />following criteria: <br />a. Drive-through facilities shall be designed to not "wrap around" more than two (2) sides <br />of the restaurant building and to not adversely impact safe and convenient pedestrian <br />access from adjacent residential areas, public sidewalks, and parking areas that serve <br />the restaurant. <br />b. Project designs shall provide conspicuous and well articulated pedestrian routes <br />clearly signed and marked by decorative paving, textured or colored paving, or similar <br />means. <br />c. Drive-through facilities shall not be located adjacent to an off-site property with an <br />existing residential use, a residential zoning, or a residential land use designation. <br />d. Drive-through facilities shall be visually screened from adjacent public roads and <br />major access driveways. <br />e. Order boards for the drive-through facilities shall be located to minimize noise impacts <br />on adjacent residential uses within the mixed use PD and outside the PD. <br />f. Outdoor lighting shall be designed to minimize impacts on adjacent residential uses <br />within the mixed use PD and outside the PD. <br />(9) Within mixed use P.D.s, the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for commercial uses shall be applied <br />to the commercial area. For the commercial area, the maximum FAR shall be 0.35. <br />(10) Within mixed use P.D.s, the maximum number of allowable residential units shall be <br />derived by applying the applicable comprehensive plan land use designation maximum <br />density to the entire area of the project and, in addition, may include any applicable density <br />bonuses provided in other sections of the land development regulations. <br />Bold Underline: Additions to Ordinance <br />Strikew ougl-: Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br />F:\Community Development \CurDev\ Ordinances \2017Ordinances\2017- 915.20.docx <br />2 <br />