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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AND RAFTELIS <br />FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, INC. <br />FOR <br />A WATER AND WASTEWATER IMPACT FEE STUDY <br />This Consulting Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into this l8day of July , 2017 (hereinafter referred <br />to as the Effective Date) by and between Indian River County, Florida (the "County" or "Client") and Raftelis <br />Financial Consultants, Inc., 227 W. Trade Street, Suite 1400, Charlotte, NC 28202 ("Raftelis" or "Consultant"). <br />Witnesseth <br />WHEREAS, Consultant has substantial skill and experience in water and wastewater finance, management, <br />and pricing; and <br />WHEREAS, the Client desires to hire Raftelis, and Raftelis desires to provide services to the Client, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby <br />acknowledged, the Parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein. <br />Article 1. Statement of Work <br />Raftelis shall provide professional consulting services to prepare a utility rate study for the Client. Raftelis <br />will perform these services as set forth in more detail in Attachment A. <br />Article 2. Time for Completion <br />This Agreement will commence upon approval by the Client and remain in effect for a period of one year. <br />Further renewals of this Agreement are at the option of the Parties and shall be in writing. <br />Article 3. Compensation <br />Client shall pay to Raftelis the sum not to exceed Sixty -Five Thousand One Hundred Dollars ($65,100.00), <br />which includes professional fees and direct expenses incurred in performing the scope of services outlined in <br />Attachment A. This sum is based upon the scope of work contained herein at Raftelis' current standard hourly <br />rate schedule included in Attachment B. . <br />The Consultant shall invoice the Client upon the completion of each task or deliverable in accordance with <br />the Project Schedule, or on a monthly basis if the Project Schedule does not otherwise specify. The Client <br />shall pay Consultant in accordance with the Local Government Prompt Payment Act. <br />Article 4. Additional Services <br />At the Client's request, Raftelis may submit change orders or proposals for additional professional services. <br />Each change order or proposal submitted shall detail: (1) scope of work for the additional services, (2) period <br />of services to be performed, and (3) method and amount of compensation. The Client shall provide written <br />acceptance and authorization to Raftelis prior to the commencement of work on any proposed additional <br />services. Each change order or proposal for additional services accepted and approved by the Client shall <br />Page 1 of 6 <br />