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AGREEMENT FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTING SERVICES <br /> THIS AGREEMENT for ENGINEERING CONSULTING SERVICES FOR INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY LANDFILL ("Agreement"), entered into as of this 18t� day of <br /> July , 2017 by and between Indian River County Solid Waste Disposal <br /> Oisthc1 (SVVDD). e dependent special district 0fIndian River County, Florida, o pO|idco| <br /> subdivision of the State Of Florida, VvhnSe address is c/o Indian Rive[ County Utilities <br /> Department, 1801 27m Street, Vero Beaoh, FL 32980` and CDM Smith Inc., @ <br /> Massachusetts corporation authorized tndO business in Florida, whose local address is <br /> 17A1Highway A-1-A. Suite 3O1. Vero Beach, FL32S63 /"C0DSU|b8n1"\. <br /> RECITALS:BACKGROUND <br /> A. |Daccordance with the Consultants' Competitive Negotiations Act /C|CNA\. <br /> Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, the SWDID solicited Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) <br /> #2O17O48for professional Engineering Consulting Services/"SeNices"\ related tolandfill <br /> {jOsuPa` landfill gas system expansion and cn|| C0na1n]ctk)n projects ("Projects") made <br /> part of this Agreement by this reference. <br /> B. As a result of its [8SponS8. the SWDO has selected Consultant to provide <br /> certain professional services as more fully set forth in in the Scope of Services Section <br /> contained inthe Request for Qualifications #2017048. <br /> C. The Consultant is willing and able to perform the Services for the SVVD[) <br /> oDthe terms and conditions set forth below; and <br /> O. The SVVD[} and the Consultant wish to enter into this Aonaennen\ for <br /> Consultant's Services. <br /> NOW THEREFORE, in accordance with the mutual covenants herein contained <br /> and other good and Vo|Uab|8 consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are <br /> hereby acknowledged, the parties agree 8sfollows: <br /> 1. GENERAL. <br /> 1.t All professional Ge[V|ceS provided by the Consultant for the SWDO shall be <br /> identified in Work Orders approved by the 8VVL)D Board and performed in a <br /> h0e|y, efUd8DL cost effective OnanDe[. and in accordance with the current <br /> professional standards Of the applicable discipline. The Work Orders Sh@\| <br /> include @ description of services to be performed; 8 st8180n8Dt of fees; a <br /> schedule of deliverables; proposed schedule for compensation and whether <br /> oorDp8nSeUon is |Unnp Su[n nnaXin1Vrm amount not to exceed task based, or <br /> any combination Of the foregoing; a hUdO8i establishing the amount of <br /> compensation to be paid with sufficient detail so as to identify all of the various <br /> 8|grn8nts of ouS1S; a projected schedule for completion Of the work to be <br /> performed by the Consultant; and any other additional instructions or <br /> 1 <br />