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State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program <br />Annual Report and Local Housing Incentives Certification <br />On Behalf of Indian River County <br />(Local Government), I hereby certify that: <br />1. The Annual Report information submitted electronically to Florida Housing Finance Corporation is true <br />and accurate for the closeout year 2014/2015 and interim years 2015-2016 & 2016-2017 <br />2. The local housing incentives or local housing incentive plan have been implemented or are in the <br />process of being implemented. Including, at a minimum: <br />a. Permits as defined in s.163.3164 (15) and (16) for affordable housing projects are <br />expedited to a greater degree than other projects; and <br />b. There is an ongoing process for review of local policies, ordinances, regulations, and plan <br />provisions that increase the cost of housing prior to their adoption. <br />3. The cumulative cost per newly constructed housing per housing unit, from these actions is estimated to <br />be $ 0.00 <br />4. The cumulative cost per rehabilitated housing per housing unit, from these actions is estimated to be <br />$ 0.00 <br />Staff Member responsible for submitting annual report to FHFC: Sasan Rohani <br />QQ Af1J &J24io <br />Witness Signature <br />Date ief E ected Official ief E ected Official or Designee Signature <br />. MISSY•. <br />rrr i (i r1S LIS -Fe r15 <br />l <br />Witness Printed Name <br />Witness Signature <br />774. <br />• <br />/CI�Uy t?//A&O <br />p . Flescher, Cha; rman <br />Elect <br />Date <br />Witness Printed Name <br />or <br />R_15 17 <br />Date <br />eki Official or Designee Printed Name <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM <br />AN L GAL UFHHC EWCY <br />RY/�� ( _art/ <br />WILLIAM! K. DEBRAAL <br />DEPUTY COUNTY AT T ORNE <br />7\1 FEST: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Circuit Court and C_nmptrol_l-er <br />EY: <br />Denuty Cler <br />420.9075 (10) Each county or eligible municipality shall submit to the corporation by September 15 of each year a report of its <br />affordable housing programs and accomplishments through June 30 immediately preceding submittal of the report. The report <br />shall be certified as accurate and complete by the local government's chief elected official or his or her designee. Transmittal <br />of the annual report by a county's or eligible municipality's chief elected official, or his or her designee, certifies that the local <br />housing incentive strategies, or, if applicable, the local housing incentive plan, have been implemented or are in the process of <br />being implemented pursuant to the adopted schedule for implementation. <br />