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GRANT NAME: 2017-2020 Traveling Turtles of Florida GRANT No. <br />AMOUNT OF GRANT: $2,000 <br />DEPARTMENT RECEIVING GRANT: Public Works/Coastal Engineering <br />CONTACT PERSON: Kendra Cope. TELEPHONE: ext. 1569 <br />1. How long is the grant for? August 2017 — May 2020 (3 School years) Starting Date: Upon grant execution <br />2. Does the grant require you to fund this function after the grant is over? <br />3. Does the grant require a match? <br />If yes, does the grant allow the match to be In -Kind services? <br />4. Percentage of match to grant <br />5. Grant match amount required <br />YES NO <br />6. Where are the matching funds coming from (i.e. In -Kind Services; Reserve for Contingency)? <br />7. Does the grant cover capital costs or start-up costs? <br />If no, how much do you think will be needed in capital costs or start-up costs: <br />(Attach a detail listing of costs) <br />8. Are you adding any additional positions utilizing the grant funds? <br />If yes, please list. (If additional space is needed, please attach a schedule.) <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />NO <br />Acct. <br />Description <br />Position <br />Position <br />Position <br />Position <br />Position <br />011.12 <br />Regular Salaries <br />$ 2,000 <br />Second Year <br />$ 0 <br />011.13 <br />Other Salaries & Wages (PT) <br />$ 0 <br />Third Year <br />l <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />012.11 <br />Social Security <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />Fifth Year <br />012.12 <br />Retirement — Contributions <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />012.13 <br />Insurance — Life & Health <br />012.14 <br />Worker's Compensation <br />012.17 <br />S/Sec. Medicare Matching <br />TOTAL <br />9. What is the total cost of each position including benefits, capital, start-up, auto expense, travel and operating? <br />Salary and Benefits <br />Operating Costs <br />Capital <br />Total Costs <br />10. What is the estimated cost of the grant to the county over five years? $ 0 <br />$) ° <br />Grant Amount <br />Other Match Costs Not Covered <br />Match <br />Total <br />First Year <br />$ 2,000 <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />$ 2,000 <br />Second Year <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />Third Year <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />Fourth Year <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />Fifth Year <br />5,0 <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />$ 0 <br />Signature of Preparer: <br />Date: (/ 7/7 // <br />