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RENEWAL OF LEASE AGREEMENT <br />Landlord and tenant does hereby agree to renewal of Lease agreement dated July 7, 1992, <br />referenced to Section 2.2 [Store Address: 11602 & 11604]. The term of the Lease is for (1) year <br />with minimum annual rent as follows: <br />Monthly Rent Annual Rent <br />October 1, 2017 thru September 30, 2018 $3,772.96 $45,275.52 <br />If the property taxes or insurance for the premises has any increases during the term of this lease a <br />prorate share of the additional expense shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord as additional rent upon <br />written demand by Landlord. <br />Commencement of October 1, 2017 under the same entire agreement and provisions binding in the <br />Lease agreement date July 7, 1992. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Landlord and Tenant have executed this renewal agreement to <br />Lease effective the Commencement Date of October 1, 2017. <br />Attest: <br />Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Circuit Court and <br />Comptroller <br />Bycatd62_ <br />Deputy lerpk <br />Approved as to Form and <br />William K. DeBraal <br />Deputy County Attorney <br />Landlord: <br />Greene Investment Partnership, LTD <br />By: eene Management Inc. <br />Gary L rreene, President <br />Tenant: <br />Indian River County <br />By <br />Jh E. escher, , Chairman <br />pproved by BCC August 15, 2017 <br />ency 7\71717ST: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Circuil: Coirrt <br />and Comptroller <br />BY: <br />COD& <br />Deputy Clerk <br />F:\Public Works\Luanne M\Facilities Management\Greene Investment Partnership fka FNB Properties -North County Leases\North <br />County Offices Lease Renewal 07.20.17 mlf.doc <br />