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ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AGREEMENT FOR THE GOVERNMENTAL 457(b) <br />DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />This Administrative Services Agreement ("Agreement") is effective on the date written below by <br />and between Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc., a Delaware corporation and an affiliate and subsidiary <br />of Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. (collectively referred to as "Nationwide"), and Indian River County, <br />the Plan Sponsor (hereinafter "Plan Sponsor"). <br />WHEREAS, Plan Sponsor, pursuant to and in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, <br />as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Code"), established and sponsors a Section 457(b) Plan <br />(hereinafter the "Plan"); <br />WHEREAS, Plan Sponsor has adopted and established for itself, its employees, and any special <br />districts governed by the Indian River Board of County Commissioners, the Tax Collector, the Clerk of <br />Courts, the Property Appraiser, the Supervisor of Elections and their respective employees a deferred <br />compensation program, <br />WHEREAS, the Plan Sponsor desires to have Nationwide perform the non -discretionary <br />recordkeeping and administrative services for the Plan described in this Agreement (hereinafter referred to <br />as "Administrative Services"); and <br />WHEREAS, Nationwide desires to provide such Administrative Services subject to the terms and <br />conditions set forth in this Agreement. <br />NOW THEREFORE, Nationwide and Plan Sponsor desire to enter into this Agreement and abide <br />by the terms therein. <br />1. DESIGNATION <br />Plan Sponsor designates Nationwide as Plan Sponsor's non -discretionary provider of <br />Administrative Services for the Plan in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. <br />2. APPOINTMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES <br />Plan Sponsor: <br />Plan Sponsor is responsible for maintaining the Plan and for maintaining the tax -qualified status of <br />the Plan. Plan Sponsor represents and warrants that the Plan has been properly adopted and <br />established in accordance with any applicable state or local laws or regulations governing the Plan <br />Sponsor's ability to sponsor the Plan. Plan Sponsor warrants that the Plan was established, and will <br />be maintained by Plan Sponsor, in accordance with the provisions of Section 457(b) of the Code. <br />Plan Sponsor further acknowledges and agrees the Plan Sponsor is an eligible governmental <br />employer as defined by Section 457(e)(1)(A) of the Code. <br />Plan Sponsor hereby appoints Nationwide to act as the Plan Sponsor's provider of Administrative <br />Services for the Plan. Any duties or services not specifically described herein as being provided by <br />Nationwide are the responsibility of the Plan Sponsor, unless specifically delegated to Nationwide <br />in the Plan document. <br />-1- <br />