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r t <br />IRC WN F (12/05/86) <br />' <br />RECORD VERIFIED <br />RESOLUlTION 87-14 JEFFREY K. BARTON <br />COURT <br />CLERK CIRCUIT <br />c <br />..A <br />' <br />A' RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />FLORIDA, GRANTING TO THE CITY OF VERO <br />BEACH, FLORIDA, ITS SUCCESSORS ANDASSIGNS, <br />A WASTEWATER FRANCHISE IN CERTAIN <br />UNINCORPORATED AREAS OF INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY FLORIDAI IMPOSING PROVISIONS AND <br />CONDITIONS RELATING AND PROVIDING <br />N <br />AN EFFECTIVE DATE- <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Indian River County, <br />Florida, as follows3 <br />Section 1. That there is hereby granted to the City <br />`of Vero Beach, Florida (herein called "Grantee"), its successors <br />and assigns, the sole and exclusive right, privilege or franchise <br />ao <br />to construct, maintain, and operate a public wastewater system in, <br />_ <br />under, upon, over and across the present and future streets, <br />ha: <br />alleys, bridges, easements and other public places throughout <br />certain unincorporated areas of Indian River County, Florida, <br />(herein called the "Grantor"), as such unincorporated areas are <br />defined in Exhibit A, and its successors, in accordance with <br />established practices with respect to wastewater system <br />construction and maintenance, for a period of, thirty (30) years <br />from the date of acceptance hereof. Such wastewater system shall <br />consist of wastewater facilities (including pipes, fixtures, <br />mains, valves, lift stations, etc., and, for wastewater system <br />use, telephone and electric lines) for the purpose of supplying <br />wastewater service to Grantor, and its successors, the inhabitants <br />thereof, and persons and corporations beyond the limits thereof. <br />Section 2. Upon acceptance of this franchise, <br />Grantee agrees to =rovide such areas with wastewater service. <br />All of the wastewater facilities of the Grantee shall <br />be constructed, maintained and operated in accordance with the <br />applicable regulations of the Federal Government and the State of <br />Florida and the quantity and quality of wastewater service <br />0 <br />'=• <br />O' <br />provided and sold shall at all times be and remain not inferior to <br />the applicable standards for public wastewater service and other <br />, <br />G7 <br />applicable rules, regulations and standards now or hereafter <br />0 <br />OD <br />': <br />adopted by the Federal Government and the State of Florida. <br />N <br />