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except as otherwise provided herein, this fee may be in addition to certain <br />incentive compensation including contingency payments, bonuses, overrides <br />and/or prizes and awards which Lockton may receive as a result of being Client's <br />insurance broker, as well as base and/or supplemental commissions or other <br />commission -like payments from insurance companies, other intermediaries or <br />other third parties (collectively, "Additional Compensation"). Client consents and <br />agrees to Lockton's ability to receive such Additional Compensation under all <br />circumstances. <br />B. The fee will be paid on a quarterly basis. <br />C. Payment of all invoices submitted under this Agreement will be made within <br />thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice. Client grants Lockton a right to setoff any <br />amounts Lockton owes to Client against any unpaid fees Client owes to <br />Lockton. <br />D. The obligations of the Client under this Agreement are subject to the availability <br />of funds lawfully appropriated for its purpose by the Board of County <br />Commissioners. <br />III. Services <br />A. It is hereby understood and agreed that in consideration of the compensation set <br />forth above, Lockton will provide the consulting services outlined in Addendum <br />A, which is attached to and made part of this Agreement. <br />B. It is further agreed that other risk management services may be undertaken that are <br />outside the foregoing scope of services by mutual consent, which consent may be <br />provided that it is acknowledged in writing by either or both of the parties. <br />Amendments may be made to this Agreement as deemed appropriate by both <br />parties. <br />C. When in Lockton's professional judgment it is necessary or appropriate, Lockton <br />may utilize the services of intermediaries or other appropriate outside vendors <br />to assist in the servicing and marketing of Client's employee benefit programs. <br />2 <br />