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ADMINISTRATIVE SERVOS AGREEMENT <br />between <br />DLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF FLORIDA, INC, <br />and <br />l/jL <br />9 c-g41a- <br />JNDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />' This Administrative Services Agreement (hereinafter rafevvad tb as tho <br />"Agreement"), made this / day of QTrirSe. r - , 1996, is by and between Slue <br />Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., a Florida corporation having its principal place <br />of business at 532 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32231 (hereinafter referred <br />to as the "Administrator") and Indian River County, located at 1840 25th Street, Vero <br />Beach, Florida 32960 (hereinafter referred to as the "Employer"). <br />WHEREAS, the Employer has established and currently sponsors a self-insured <br />Employee Welfare Benefit Plan, to provide certain benefits (attached hereto as Exhibit <br />"A" and hereinafter called the "Group Health Plan") for covered group members and <br />their covered dependents; and <br />WHEREAS, the Employer desires that the Administrator furnish certain claims <br />processing and administrative services with respect to the Group Health Plan. <br />NOW, therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, and <br />other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows: <br />1.1 Initial Term. <br />SECTION I <br />ZEBU <br />The initial term of this Agreement shall be from Octd <br />effective date) and shall end on September 30, 1996 <br />unless the Agreement is terminated earlier in accor <br />provisions of this Agreement. <br />1.2 Renewal Terms. <br />This Agreement will automatically renew each anniversary date for <br />successive one year terms at the renewal rates then in effect, unless either <br />H <br />1, 1996 (the <br />e termination date) <br />with the <br />1 <br />rix <br />r; <br />