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are set forth in Exhibit "B". Additionally, the Employer shall maintain a <br />reserve amount with the Administrator or its designee bank as set <br />forth in Exhibit "B". This reserve amount must be maintained at all <br />times by the Employer and the Employer is immediately required to <br />submit funds to the Administrator or its designee bank whenever the <br />reserve falls below the minimum level. <br />B. Administrative Fees; Late Charge <br />The Employer agrees to promptly pay all administrative fees as set <br />forth in Exhibit "B". Administrative fees are not subject to change <br />during the initial term of this Agreement, except as set forth below. <br />The administrative fees shall be payable to the Administrator within 10 <br />days of written notification to the Employer of the amount owed. In <br />the event the Employer fails to pay the amount owed in full within said <br />10 day period, the Employer shall pay the Administrator, in addition to <br />the amount due, a late charge as set forth in Exhibit "B". <br />C. Modifications <br />The Administrator may modify the administrative fees or reserve <br />requirement contained in Exhibit "B" at any time on or after the first <br />anniversary of this Agreement's effective date. upon giving forty-five <br />(45) days prior written notice to the Employer. Additionally, the <br />Administrator, at any time, may modify the administrative fee or the <br />reserve requirement, if the Employer substantially modifies the Group <br />Health Plan or changes enrollment. <br />2.4 Use of Names and Logos. <br />The Employer agrees to allow the Administrator to use the Employer's <br />name and logo on I.D. cards and other forms necessary to effectuate this <br />Agreement, and to promote the Employer's relationship with the <br />Administrator to potential or existing providers. The Administrator shall not <br />use the Employer's name or logo for any other purpose without the prior <br />written consent of the Employer. <br />The Employer agrees that the names, logos, symbols, trademarks, <br />tradenames, and service marks of the Administrator, whether presently <br />existing or hereafter established, are the sole property of the Administrator <br />and the Administrator retains the right to the use and control thereof. The <br />Employer shall not use the Administrator's name, logos, symbols, <br />trademarks or service marks in advertising or promotional materials or <br />otherwise without the prior written consent of the Administrator and shall <br />960904.1 <br />3 <br />