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I?R/S HARRIS CORPORATION <br /> RF Communications <br /> 221 Jefferson Ridge Parkway <br /> Lynchburg,VA USA 24501 <br /> phone 800 368-3277 <br /> http./Awiwricomm.harris,com/publicsafety/ <br /> July 25,2017 <br /> Extension of EDACS FX Agreement <br /> This Modification authorizes the extension to the EDACS FX Agreement executed between Indian <br /> River County,FL,the Subscriber,and Harris Corporation(formerly M/A-Com,Inc.),the Seller, dated <br /> 10/31/97. <br /> This term of this extension shall begin on August 1, 2017 and expire on July 31,2018. <br /> EDACS Software FX Services-1Year SSSVIF $30,000.00 <br /> Subscriber agrees to an extension of the existing EDACS FX Services Agreement for a one(1)year <br /> term,based on the payment terms agreed to by Subscriber and Seller or its EDACS Reseller/EDACS <br /> Strategic Integrator. <br /> Upon expiration,the Subscriber may request and additional extension,which will be agreed upon by <br /> both parties at that time. <br /> The terms and conditions of the above-mentioned Agreement remain in effect except as modified <br /> herein. ............... <br /> CO4I •is <br /> rn• <br /> By: <br /> Repr:.entativ for Harris Corporation resentative for h dean River' '04.41 .: <br /> •seph E. Flescher, Chai NTy, ...'\O. <br /> Date: 7-a7/7 Date: September 19, 2017 <br /> Attest: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of <br /> APPROVED Court and Comptroller <br /> By: �9L' OUL t-D <br /> Deputy Clerk <br /> APPROVED AS 7d FDR <br /> ANDrciS1,I.F 1C�.NCv <br /> C.ovn Ad in i s t ra to r assuredcommunications• <br /> tvI L;AM Ir. 1fJ::AAt. <br /> DEPUTY COUt+?Y Al TORNEY <br />