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r <br />WORK ORDER NUMBER #7 <br />Sebastian Corners Building Renovations <br />IRC Project No. 1744 <br />This Work Order Number 7 is entered into as of this 1g day of }2017, pursuant <br />to that certain Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services, dated November 15, 2011 <br />, and that certain Extension and Amendment of Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional <br />Services entered into as of the 4th day of November, 2014 (collectively referred to as the <br />"Agreement"), by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida <br />("COUNTY") and MBV Engineering, Inc. ("Consultant"). <br />SCOPE OF WORK <br />It is our understanding that Indian River County intends to purchase and renovate the existing <br />Sebastian Corners retail center in Sebastian, Florida. The scope of the project for the purposes of <br />this proposal are as follows: <br />Renovate 7200 SF of existing retail tenant spaces in two existing suites. Renovate the tenant spaces <br />to accommodate the north county offices for the Tax Collector, DMV, Concealed Weapons, Property <br />Appraiser, Utilities, and Veterans' Affairs. The work will be tenant finish, including demolition of the <br />existing ceiling in the 6000 SF space, new rooftop units and curbing for HVAC and all new exposed <br />ductwork & electrical in the open area of the space. The rear third of the larger suite will include <br />primarily enclosed spaces and other employee -only functions. Security, access control, camera <br />surveillance, and IT requirements are a significant and crucial component of the design. Scope <br />includes custom millwork for license plate display and reception, and systems furniture by the <br />County's vendor for workstations behind low walls with built-in counters. Program also includes <br />private offices, breakroom with kitchen, public and private men's and women's toilets, IT room, <br />dealer room for plating, and secured space for safes, plate storage and the CWP application <br />process. Public art will be incorporated if the budget allows, such as a mural enlargement of the sea <br />turtle license plate image on the upper wall area. The existing storefront system will be modified to <br />include another entrance. The secured, staff -only entrance at the rear of the large suite will be <br />reconfigured to allow for forklift delivery of palleted items. The small suite ceiling, entrance, and <br />single toilet will remain. The tenant finish will be designed to suit the requirements of the <br />departments slated for that area. <br />In addition to the building improvements and renovations, the project will analyze the existing site <br />infrastructure such as: stormwater system, fencing around pond, and lighting. It is understood that <br />new lighting is anticipated in the rear of lot of the building and that a fiber optic line will be installed <br />to the building form the US#1 ROW. <br />MBV Engineering, Inc. will provide the project oversight, architectural, mechanical, electrical, <br />plumbing, structural design, permitting (as required), bidding service and construction <br />administration related to the above activities. <br />