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A A <br />Certification of Credentials — Single Library Administrative Head <br />The Board of Countv Commissioners of Indian River Countv <br />(Name of library governing body) <br />governing body for the Indian River Countv Library Svstern <br />(Name of library) <br />hereby certifies that the incumbent single library administrative head, <br />Anne M. Shepherd <br />(Name of incumbent) <br />• Has completed a library education program accredited by the American Library Association; <br />• Has at least two years full-time paid professional experience, after completing the library education <br />program, in a public library open to the public for a minimum of 40 hours per week-, <br />• Is employed full time by the library's governing body; <br />• Is responsible for the overall management or coordination of the library within the framework <br />established by interlocal or other agreements, plans, policies and budgets; <br />• Is responsible for developing a single long-range plan for all library outlets, a single annual plan of <br />service and a budget; and <br />• Is responsible for implementing the long-range plan, annual plan of service and budget as well as <br />preparing reports on behalf of the library. <br />Signature <br />.2,10.4 <br />Chaffan- <br />State Aid to Libraries Grant Certification of Credentials (Form DLIS/SA01) <br />Chapter 1 B -2.011(2)(a), Florida Administrative Code, Effective 07/2017 <br />ber 19, 2017 <br />APPROVED AS TO FOR;!! <br />AMID IwG SUFFI 11EMf_,Y <br />DF:Pui-1, COUNT Y A-1 TORNEY <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />