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(1) This Agreement(pages 1 to 11 , inclusive); <br /> (2) Notice to Proceed or Purchase Order <br /> (3) Public Construction Bond(s) (as required by Owner for projects exceeding$100,000); <br /> (4) Certificate of Liability Insurance <br /> (5) Invitation to Bid 2017057 <br /> (6) Addenda (numbers_to_, inclusive); <br /> (7) CONTRACTOR'S Bid Form (pages_to inclusive); <br /> (8) Bidders Questionnaire(pages_to_, inclusive); <br /> (9) Drug Free Workplace Form (pages_to_, inclusive) <br /> (10)Affidavit of Compliance(page_); <br /> (11) Sworn Statement Under Section 105.08, Indian River County Code, on Disclosure of Relationships <br /> (pages_to_, inclusive); <br /> (12)Certification Regarding Lobbying <br /> (13) Non-Disclosure Statement <br /> (14)The following which may be delivered or issued on or after the Effective Date of the Agreement and <br /> are not attached hereto: <br /> a) Written Amendments; <br /> b) Work Change Directives; <br /> c) Change Order(s). <br /> ARTICLE 9-MISCELLANEOUS <br /> 9.01 Terms <br /> A. Terms used in this Agreement will have the meanings indicated in the Invitation to Bid. <br /> 9.02 Assignment of Contract <br /> A. No assignment by a party hereto of any rights under or interests in the Agreement will be binding on <br /> another party hereto without the written consent of the party sought to be bound;and,specifically but <br /> without limitation,moneys that may become due and moneys that are due may not be assigned without <br /> such consent(except to the extent that the effect of this restriction may be limited by law), and unless <br /> 3 <br />