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This Instrument Prepared By: <br />Tiana D. Brown <br />Action No. 35133 <br />Bureau of Public Land Administration <br />3900 Commonwealth Boulevard <br />Mail Station No. 125 <br />Tallahassee, Florida 32399 <br />BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT TRUST FUND <br />OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA <br />SOVEREIGNTY SUBMERGED LANDS FEE WAIVED LEASE RENEWAL <br />BOT FILE NO. 310025634 <br />THIS LEASE is hereby issued by the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the State of <br />Florida, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor. <br />WITNESSETH: That for and in consideration of the faithful and timely performance of and compliance with all <br />terms and conditions stated herein, the Lessor does hereby lease to Indian River County, Florida, hereinafter referred to as the <br />Lessee, the sovereignty lands described as follows: <br />A parcel of sovereignty submerged land in Section 36, <br />Township 31 South, Range 39 East, in Indian River, <br />Indian River County, Florida, containing 1,646 square feet, <br />more or less, as is more particularly described and shown <br />on Attachment A, dated November 21, 2000. <br />TO HAVE THE USE OF the hereinabove described premises from October 15, 2017, the effective date of this lease <br />renewal, through October 15, 2022. the expiration date of this lease renewal. The terms and conditions on and for which <br />this lease renewal is granted are as follows: <br />1. USE OF PROPERTY: The Lessee is hereby authorized to operate a 3 -slip public docking facility with a non - <br />water dependent tool shed located within privately -owned lands to be used exclusively for temporary alongside mooring of <br />recreational vessels for public visitors and for law enforcement and marine patrol vessels in conjunction with an upland public <br />historical and recreational site, without fueling facilities, without a sewage pumpout facility, and without liveaboards as <br />defined in paragraph 25, as shown and conditioned in Attachment A. All of the foregoing subject to the remaining conditions <br />of this lease. <br />[ 02-29 ] <br />