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JOBS GRANT AGREEMENT BETWEEN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> AND <br /> ACS FINANCIAL LLC <br /> THIS INDIAN RIVER COUNTY JOBS GRANT AGREEMENT("Agreement")is made as of <br /> the 3rd day of October, 2017 (the "Effective Date") by and between Indian River County, a political <br /> subdivision of the State of Florida, by and through its Board of Commissioners, hereinafter referred to as <br /> COUNTY, and ACS Financial LLC, a company authorized to do business in the State of Florida, <br /> hereinafter referred to as COMPANY. <br /> BACKGROUND RECITALS: <br /> WHEREAS, it is the policy of COUNTY to stimulate economic growth in COUNTY by either <br /> attracting new businesses to COUNTY or by encouraging the expansion of existing businesses within <br /> COUNTY; and <br /> WHEREAS, the creation of new employment opportunities for residents of COUNTY and the <br /> increased tax revenues resulting from such business expansions or relocations within COUNTY is <br /> beneficial to the local economy; and <br /> WHEREAS,COUNTY has determined that offering a Jobs Grant Program encourages businesses <br /> to expand within or new businesses to locate in COUNTY and thereby creates new employment <br /> opportunities for the residents of COUNTY; and <br /> WHEREAS, COUNTY, through its Board of County Commissioners, has created a local Jobs <br /> Grant Program; and <br /> WHEREAS, COMPANY currently has 14 full time employees employed within Indian River <br /> County, and <br /> WHEREAS,COMPANY, in accordance with the COUNTY's Jobs Grant Program criteria,is an <br /> Expanding Business that will expand its business in COUNTY to create 30 additional full time jobs which <br /> pay at least 75% of COUNTY's average annual wage level; and <br /> WHEREAS, COUNTY has determined that COMPANY is eligible to receive a Jobs Grant; and <br /> WHEREAS,COMPANY acknowledges that this Agreement shall be based upon compliance with <br /> COUNTY Jobs Grant Program requirements; and, <br /> WHEREAS,COUNTY finds and declares that it is in the public interest to award a Jobs Grant to <br /> COMPANY pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and mutual covenants hereinafter <br /> contained, the parties do agree as follows: <br /> 1. Definitions. As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall mean: <br /> -1- <br />