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DocuSign Envelope ID:27562A39-54B9-4980-BOFD-AE1DCBC76974 <br /> - STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 525-010-40 <br /> LOCAL AGENCY PROGRAM AGREEMENT PROGRAM MANAGEMENT <br /> OGC-07/17 <br /> Pepe 1of15 <br /> FPN:436860-1-58-01 FPN: FPN: <br /> Federal No(FAIN):8886-830-A Federal No(FAIN): Federal No(FAIN): <br /> Federal Award Date: /1/i.S/2c�'/7 Federal Award Date: Federal Award Date: <br /> Fund: TALI / Fund: Fund: <br /> Org Code: 55043010404 Org Code: Org Code: <br /> FLAIR Approp: FLAIR Approp: FLAIR Approp: <br /> County No:88 Contract No: 6--/-c5 17 <br /> Local Agency Vendor No: F596000673026 Local Agency DUNS No: 079208989 <br /> Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance(CFDA): 20.205 Highway Planning and Construction <br /> THIS LOCAL AGENCY PROGRAM AGREEMENT ("Agreement"), is made and entered into this ° day of <br /> (i7)be-7; t/raetween the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, an agency of the State of Florida <br /> ("Department"),and Indian River County("Agency"). <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, promises and representations in this Agreement, <br /> the parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. Authority: The Agency, by Resolution No. 26/7_/CI dated the ='-'t day of 't .'`(4-'f'' ,201 a <br /> copy of which is attached as Exhibit "F" and made a part of this Agreement, has authorized its officers to execute this <br /> Agreement on its behalf. The Department has the authority pursuant to Section 339.12, Florida Statutes,to enter into this <br /> Agreement. <br /> 2. Purpose of Agreement: The purpose of this Agreement is to provide for the Department's participation in Indian <br /> River Blvd. from 37th St. to 53rd St., as further described in Exhibit"A", Project Description and Responsibilities attached <br /> to and incorporated in this Agreement ("Project"), to provide Department financial assistance to the Agency, state the <br /> terms and conditions upon which Department funds will be provided, and to set forth the manner in which the Project will <br /> be undertaken and completed. <br /> 3. Term of Agreement: The Agency agrees to complete the Project on or before December 31, 2019. If the <br /> Agency does not complete the Project within this time period, this Agreement will expire on the last day of the scheduled <br /> completion as provided in this paragraph unless an extension of the time period is requested by the Agency and granted <br /> in writing by the Department prior to the expiration of this Agreement. Expiration of this Agreement will be considered <br /> termination of the Project. The cost of any work performed after the expiration date of this Agreement will not be <br /> reimbursed by the Department. <br /> 4. Project Cost: <br /> A. The total cost of the Project is $ 525,976.00. This amount is based upon the schedule of funding in <br /> Exhibit"B", Schedule of Funding attached to and incorporated in this Agreement. The Agency agrees to <br /> bear all expenses in excess of the total cost of the Project and any deficits involved. The schedule of <br /> funding may be modified by mutual agreement as provided for in paragraph 5.1. <br /> B. The Department agrees to participate in the Project cost up to the maximum amount of$416,720.00 and <br /> as more fully described in Exhibit "B". This-amount includes Federal-aid funds which are limited to the <br /> actual amount of Federal-aid participation. <br /> C. Project costs eligible for Department participation will be allowed only from the date of this Agreement. It <br /> is understood that Department participation in eligible Project costs is subject to: <br /> i. Legislative approval of the Department's appropriation request in the work program year that the <br /> Project is scheduled to be committed; <br /> it: Availability of funds as statedin subparagraphs 5.L. and 5.M. of this Agreement; <br /> Approval of all plans;spectfications; contracts'or other obligating documents and all other terms <br /> u. . of this Agreement; and <br />