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`FdZ;1W <br />°4NNA $3 09 <br />'E N T <br />1 <br />l 3` 3' THIS AGREF�1$NT, with'. At 'achment A, made and entered ' into <br />` <br />fr` <br />' <br />-day' of ': tAnL , in duplicate,' each <br />,1983.: <br />ei!i cu dcopy; conal,' ting;, an original, by and between the CITY,.OP <br />�` <br />t • <br />VERO,B,EACH,_FhORIDA, hereinafter called the "City," and INDIAN <br />:, RIVER'COUNTY, FLORIDA, a political subdivision of the State of <br />Florida,'hereinafter called the "County," <br />WITNESSETH: <br />} <br />WHEREAS, the City and County have expressed their desire <br />to unite their efforts and resources to form a unified building <br />department to provide plans review, on-site inspection and build- <br />r <br />ing code enforcement, and <br />WHEREAS, both parties intend to pass a duly -enacted <br />resolution formally expressing their intent to participate in and <br />form the COUNTY - CITY BUILDING DEPARTMENT (hereinafter called the <br />"Department"); and <br />WHEREAS, the parties agree that a written agreement <br />defining their respective rights and responsibilities regarding <br />the formation, operation and possible dissolution of the <br />Department is necessary. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, In consideration of the mutual covenants <br />contained herein, the parties agree as follows: <br />1. COUNTY DEPARTMENT. The formation of the County - <br />City Building Department is hereby authorized effective October 1, <br />1983 as a full department of the County with the Director of the <br />Department reporting directly to the County Administrator. The <br />Department shall be vested with all the rights, obligations, <br />privileges and benefits of the existing County departments and <br />will rank equally with its peer departments in the organizational <br />structure. <br />2. LOCATION. The County will provide adequate opera- <br />ting space (physical environment) within the County Central <br />Administration Building in such a .location as to assure easy <br />access to the public. Communications, janitorial service and <br />maintenance shall be provided to the Department in a manner <br />-1- <br />j S};i re .,�''df•! #tn•7 'i'"-'i��is:�':���'y8�'{` ., -•x-.t, - - <br />jjee��44 (�]�` i.�.li': F�.. .r t.'.�jE'• ;t ., 'S; •::.t:;•:... _ •'t: :j e•.i. T. <br />aa �y{, ..x§ r� •j � .. ... �','• � .7 �... o-".�:k�ii.-tf)it"4!' .!lg7i•{:•s i` . ��,,, <br />I <br />