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ORDINANCE NO. 2017- 014 <br />required by each customer. The following chart shows the basis for calculating each customer's <br />minimum number of ERUs. <br />In cases where a customer's property use extends to more than one category listed <br />below, the number of ERUs shall be calculated as the sum of the number of ERUs associated <br />with each type of property use and its respective square footage or other basis used for <br />calculating the number of ERUs. Where the calculated number of ERUs is a fraction, the <br />calculated number shall be rounded up to the next highest whole number to calculate the <br />number of assigned ERUs. <br />Minimum <br />Equivalent <br />Residential <br />Units <br />27. <br />- <br />------- - ----- -- -- -�J- -- ------ -- - - - -'- -- -.---- -'-, - .- -•-r-.._..._.._... .-- -•--•--.-.., -- --, <br />deteFmiRe that a higher or lower nurnbeF ef UR46 shall be used, but iR RE) Gase shall a <br />due and payable to the OWReF or <br />URIess the <br />in its sole <br />o , <br />.... 1 A_ <br />single-family residential customer who has obtained more than one ERU and whose <br />maximum monthly water use ranges from zero to three hundred (300) gallons per day <br />on a maximum day basis or zero to two hundred fifty (250) gallons per day on a <br />maximum month basis for a period of twelve (12) months, may submit a request in <br />writing to the department for a reduction to one (1) ERU. In no case shall a retroactive <br />payment, credit or charge or reimbursement of impact fee or related service availability <br />charges paid be due and payable to the owner or resident. <br />28. In the event that a business is described in the schedule by aeneral classification but <br />the particular nature of said business or structure would result in an inequitable <br />connection charge if the schedule were used, the department in its discretion, may <br />determine that a higher or lower number of units shall be used, but in no case shall a <br />retroactive pavment. credit or charae for a reclassification of use or number of units be <br />due and payable to the owner or resident, unless the department, in its sole discretion, <br />determines that such a credit or charge is required by equitable consideration ..... 1 <br />2 <br />F:Wttorney\Linda\GENERAL\Resolutions & Ord inances\Ordinances\Residential ERU.docx <br />