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3.0 Phase 2 - Bidding: <br />3.1 Prebid Meeting: Meet at the site with representatives of the Owner and Bidders to review the <br />scope of work and to examine the site. <br />3.2 Addenda: Respond to clarifications requests from the Bidders. Issue any required addenda to <br />the Bidders and submit a copy of the addenda to the Owner. <br />3.3 Bid Evaluation: Review the bids submitted to the Architect from the Owner and provide <br />recommendations for bid award to the Owner. <br />4.0 Phase 3 - Construction Administration: <br />4.1 Pre -Construction Meeting: Attend a pre -construction meeting at the site with representatives <br />of the Owner and the Contractor to review the contract schedule, contract requirements, <br />staging area, and safety issues. <br />4.2 Submittals: Review and process product submittals, Applications for Payment, Requests for <br />Information, Change Orders, and Supplemental Instructions, from the Contractor and <br />distribute to the Contractor and Owner. <br />4.3 Construction Observations: Conduct observations at major stages of the construction. Prepare <br />a report of each observation and submit the report to the Owner. This proposal is based upon <br />6 regular observations plus the following 2 close-out observations. <br />4.4 Substantial Completion Observation: Conduct a substantial completion observation and <br />submit a Certificate of Substantial Completion document including a list of uncompleted Work <br />items to the Contractor and Owner. <br />4.5 Final Completion Observation: Conduct a final completion observation and submit a Final <br />Completion Report to the Contractor and Owner. <br />4.6 Construction Close -Out: Review the construction close-out documents submitted by the <br />Contractor and submit a copy to the Owner. <br />County Furnished Items: The County will furnish the following items to the Architect: <br />1. Available construction drawings and specifications of the building. <br />2. Available shop drawings and product data of the roofing components. <br />3. Personnel to access the building. <br />Time of Performance: The Architect will provide the services within the following time frame except for any <br />situations beyond the control of the Architect: <br />Phase 1: Roofing Evaluation: Not included <br />Phase 2: Construction Documents: 4 weeks after receipt of a Notice to Proceed from the Owner <br />Phase 3: Bidding: 4 Weeks <br />Phase 4: Construction Administration: Observation Reports - 2 days from observation <br />Fees to Be Paid (A fee breakdown is attached): <br />Phase 1: Roofing Evaluation Report: Not included <br />Phase 2: Construction Documents: <br />Phase 3: Bidding: <br />Phase 4: Construction Administration: <br />$0.00 <br />$27,045.00 <br />$2,965.00 <br />$17,241.00 <br />Total Fee: $47,431.00 <br />Personnel and Non -personnel Expenses: The above fee includes all personnel and non -personnel expenses. <br />Invoices: The Architect will submit an invoice to the Owner upon completion of the report <br />