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RECORDS MANAGEMENT COMPLIANCE STATEMENT <br /> Fiscal Year 2016-2017 0 <br /> U <br /> Agency ID: N0000527 y--1 <br /> C <br /> 1. This agency is in compliance with Section 257.36(5), Florida Statutes,' and Rule 1 B-24.003(9), Florida $-1 <br /> Administrative Code,2 for all public records regardless of medium or format(e.g., paper; electronic, U <br /> = including email; microfilm; audio; video; etc.). <br /> Oa <br /> tti ®Yes ❑ No(Unmarked responses will be recorded as not in compliance.) <br /> V <br /> 2. This agency disposed of 0 cubic feet of records during the fiscal year indicated above. u D <br /> C U 3. This agency disposed of records in electronic form during the fiscal year indicated above. • r <br /> O <br /> 0 Yes ® No(It is not necessary to indicate volume of electronic records disposed.) ��~ <br /> V O , <br /> 0 V 4. El Check here if you would like to be contacted for assistance. Indicate your questions/areas of concern on <br /> NaN <br /> Cthe reverse side of this fo ` U <br /> `t-' 'd� <br /> C. Agency Head Signature: i ( <br /> tio—i ) ( (./ Date: 12/05/17 '��; <br /> OName of Agency Head I,0as0 rint): Peter D. O'Bryan " & <br /> �" <br /> 0 9 Y C0 ••• U) <br /> lapl of Chairman, Board of County Commissioners W <br /> Title of Agency H d,�pleas- p,, . <br /> C <br /> Please indicate chaffs to • -•. rir'ation on the lines provided on the right. <br /> •, Cu eltt•Info ,1.'-',.. . <br /> CU Please do not er�> ror�• `,� :ormation b/low. Indicate changes or additions on the lines below. <br /> C C Agency Name: Solid W'�s1gpisc•StA• Indian River County <br /> O y.. •.,,LINTY,C\;..•••. r <br /> VC Agency Head: Mr.Joseph E. 1e dfier Peter D. 0 Bryan <br /> d A <br /> CO t.) Address: 1801 27th Street <br /> C Building A <br /> O Vero Beach, Florida 32960-3365 <br /> Q <br /> Section 257.36(5)(a), Florida Statutes,' requires public agencies to designate a Records Management Liaison Officer <br /> (RMLO). Please indicate changes to RMLO Information on the lines provided on the right. If Current Information is blank, <br /> C please designate an RMLO for your agency on the lines provided on the right. <br /> O <br /> 4, Current Information: <br /> - ctS <br /> E Please do not erase or cover information below. Indicate changes or additions on the lines below. <br /> C s- <br /> O O RMLO: Ms. Doris E.Roy <br /> 71 C <br /> U Address: 1801 -27th Street <br /> U) O Vero Beach,FL 32960-3388 <br /> J <br /> 2 <br /> ix Phone: (772)226-1408 Ext.: <br /> Email: <br /> 1 i <br /> 1Section 257.36(5),Florida Statutes:"For the purposes of this section,the term'agency'shall mean any state,county,district,or municipal officer,department,division, <br /> bureau,board,commission,or other separate unit of government created or established by law.It is the duty of each agency to:(a)Cooperate with the division in complying <br /> with the provisions of this chapter and designate a records management liaison officer.(b)Establish and maintain an active and continuing program for the economical and <br /> efficient management of records." <br /> 'Rule 1B-24.003(9),Florida Administrative Code:"Public records may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of only in accordance with retention schedules established by <br /> the Division.Photographic reproductions or reproductions through electronic recordkeeping systems may substitute for the original or paper copy,per Section 92.29,F.S., <br /> Photographic or electronic copies....Prior to records disposition,agencies must ensure that all retention requirements have been satisfied.For each record series being <br /> disposed of,agencies shall identify and document the following:1.Records retention schedule number;2.Item number;3.Record series title;4.Inclusive dates of the <br /> records;5.Volume in cubic feet for paper records;for electronic records,record the number of bytes and/or records and/or files if known,or indicate that the disposed <br /> records were in electronic form;and 6.Disposition action(manner of disposition)and date." <br /> Please complete and return this compliance statement by December 29, 2017 (submit one copy only, please)to: <br /> Department of State <br /> Records Management Program, Mail Station 9E OR <br /> Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250 <br />