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Comcast. <br />Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC <br />789 International Parkway <br />Sunrise, FL <br />33325 <br />Attention: Business Services Vice President <br />Date: 11/22/2017 <br />RE: Access to Property <br />Property Address: 4875 43RD AVE <br />VERO BEACH, FL 32967 <br />Dear Comcast: <br />Board of County Commission, Indian River County, FL [LEGAL OWNERSHIP ENTITY], (the "Owner"), <br />being the owner of the premises described above (the . "Property"), hereby consents to the <br />installation, operation, and maintenance by Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC, <br />on behalf of its affiliates (together, "Comcast"), at Comcast's sole cost and expense, of Comcast's <br />cable and other equipment into, over, under, across, and along the Property, to be used by Comcast <br />to provide communications services to tenants and other occupants of the Property. <br />Comcast will contact the Owner, or Owner 's representative, before work begins. This information <br />will not be used for any other purpose. <br />Contact name & phone number: Angelia Perry, GYAC Executive Director , 772 794-1005 <br />(TYPO <br />Contact email address: aperry© <br />(TYPO <br />Comcast shall repair any damage to the Property caused by the installation, operation, or <br />maintenance of Comcast's equipment on the Property. <br />Owner's consent will continue for so long as Comcast provides communications services to tenants <br />or other occupants of the Property. The Access to Property shall bind and benefit the parties and <br />their respective successors and assigns. <br />Sincerely, <br />Owning Entity: <br />By (Signature): <br />Print Name: <br />Title: <br />Board of County Commission, Indian River Cty, FL [LEGA) OWNERSHIP ENTITY] <br />AcAV -: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of <br />/, Cl- k and Cto1ler <br />PETER D. O'BRYAN <br />Chairman, Board of County Commission <br />* <br />)K&figarayaekliemer 5, 2017 <br />Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC <br />ty" Clerk <br />coq <br />•'y9i�ER COUNT•'' •: <br />By (Signature): "'•` <br />Print Name: <br />Title: Vice President <br />Date: <br />APP! r,.,F') •`S TO FOR <br />AIV <br />• <br />WILLIAM K. DEfiRAAL <br />DEPUTY COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />