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Sketch and L ega/ Description for /ND/AN RIVER COUNTK <br />LESS NORTH 661 FEET '9 <br />N <br />1 <br />~ U <br />INDIAN RIVER FARMS COMPANY M <br />32-39-06-00001-0150-00004.0 W Tract 16 32-39-06-00001-0160-00003.0 <br />ALEXANDRA VAN DER REST z (PBS 2, PGE 25) LEONARDO AND MARIA MANDINA <br />SITE ADDRESS: 6830 69th STREET D SITE ADDRESS: 6730 69th STREET a <br />O.R.B. 2720, PG. 1060 I QI O.R.B. 1932, PG. 1875 c <br />32-39-06-00001-0160-00001.0 0 <br />Q I� FRANKLIN AND DONNA TATE <br />W SITE ADDRESS: 6780 69th STREET <br />W <br />z O.R.B. 2119, PG. 1893 I j <br />J EAST 20' FOR ; <br />INGRESS/EGRESS Eni <br />EASEMENT Z <br />_________WEST 10 ACRES -TRACT 16_________ <br />N <br />N <br />10' WIDE TEMPORARY °0 <br />CONSTRUCTION O <br />EASEMENT <br />(3,292 Sq. Ft.t) rn <br />NORTH 10' OF J L <br />I THE SOUTH 110' a I I <br />i rn <br />MURPHY RESERVATION UNE <br />v <br />O_1 <br />^i ROPOSED <br />is: PARCEL 315 ni <br />01 1 I <br />NI 1 <br />Non <br />69th STREET SOUTH LINE OF THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 SECTION 6 v <br />NORTH WINTER EACH ROAD) AND SOUTH LINE TRACK 16 <br />CC <br />-1. R. F. W.C.U. <br />NORTH LINE OF THE NORTHEAST 1 /4 SECTION 7 SUB LATERAL A-13 A <br />CLz <br />O <br />N <br />s <br />0 <br />z <br />Cr <br />32-39-07-00001-0010-00008.0 z <br />STUART AND HELEN SHAFER 5 <br />SITE ADDRESS: 6850 CARSONS TRAIL DRIVE z <br />O.R.B. 1502, PG. 2395 <br />NOT TO SCALE <br />AGENCY: IND/AN <br />P118L/C WORKS <br />DATE: <br />10/31/17 <br />SCALE: <br />N/A <br />SHEET: <br />2 OF 2 <br />Legend and Abbreviations and Abbreviations 4 <br />C.R. = COUNTY ROAD PBS = PLAT BOOK ST. LUCI <br />I.R.F.W.C.D. = INDIAN RIVER FARMS A =DELTA ANGLE <br />WATER CONTROL DISTRICT SQ. FT.= SQUARE FEET <br />L = LENGTH OF ARC R = RANGE <br />LLC = LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY R/W = RIGHT-OF-WAY <br />O.R.B. = OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK T = TOWNSHIP <br />(P) = PLAT <br />P.B. = PLAT BOOK <br />DAY)%/lnPn IM ITC CI TIDO ---Tl-_ — o CLIC PGE = PAGE <br />RIMER COUNTY, FL <br />DEPT./ENG/NEER/NG MY. <br />R. /NOLE7T <br />This is not a <br />Sketch and Lega/Description <br />for. Parce/ 315 <br />tUVILU UT: A9.SIL ON /ND/ANR/VER COUNTY 1 <br />NO: (6780 69th STREET <br />