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affiliates'respective officers',directors', partners',members',beneficial owners',and controlling entities' <br /> involvement in any pending or threatened litigation affecting the Seller or any of Seller's affiliates. <br /> 6. Contingencies/Right to Cancel: <br /> (a) Buyer shall have 0(if left blank,then 15)days after the Effective Date(the"Inspection Period") <br /> to conduct a building inspection,radon air and water test,sewage disposal system test,asbestos <br /> test,lead paint test,and domestic water test(if private water supply),all paid by Buyer. If Buyer <br /> determines, in Buyer's sole discretion, that the Property is not acceptable to Buyer, <br /> Buyer may terminate this Agreement by delivering written notice of such election to <br /> Seller prior to expiration of the Inspection Period.If Buyer timely terminates this <br /> Agreement, the Deposit paid shall be returned to Buyer, thereupon,Buyer and Seller <br /> shall be released of all further obligations under this Agreement;however, Buyer shall <br /> be responsible for prompt payment for such inspections,for repair of damage to,and <br /> restoration of,the Property resulting from such inspections,and shall provide Seller <br /> with paid receipts for all work done on the Property(the preceding provision shall <br /> survive termination of this Agreement). Unless Buyer exercises the right to terminate <br /> granted herein,Buyer accepts the physical condition of the Property and any violation <br /> of governmental,building, environmental,and safety codes,restrictions, or <br /> requirements,and Buyer shall be responsible for any and all repairs and improvements <br /> required by Buyer's lender. <br /> (b) Notwithstanding paragraph 6(a)above,Buyer acknowledges full satisfaction with the physical <br /> condition of the Property and that Seller has made no representation,promise,or warranty of any <br /> kind on which Buyer has relied relating to the physical condition or history of the Property,and <br /> Buyer covenants and agrees that Buyer will accept the Property in its present condition. Seller <br /> disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or of merchantability or habitability, <br /> either expressed or implied.Buyer agrees to take the Property"AS IS". <br /> (c) There is no financing contingency,and Buyer will pay cash at Closing,unless the information <br /> required to be completed in this paragraph 6(c)regarding financing is fully completed,in which <br /> case,this Agreement is contingent upon Buyer receiving a commitment for financing for up to <br /> cash%of the Purchase Price based on Buyer's creditworthiness and the type of real estate being <br /> purchased(the"Financing Contingency").If Buyer is unable to obtain financing,Buyer must <br /> notify Seller in writing and provide proof that financing has been denied within N/A days after <br /> the Effective Date of this Agreement;otherwise,the Financing Contingency will be considered <br /> waived,and the Financing Contingency will not be grounds for Buyer to terminate this <br /> Agreement. Buyer shall make its loan application for financing within 5 days after the Effective <br /> Date and use good faith and diligent effort to obtain a written loan commitment and close this <br /> Agreement. Buyer shall keep Seller fully informed about the status of the loan application and <br /> Page 2 of 10 <br /> FL <br /> Confidential <br />