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paid with sufficient detail so as to identify all of the various elements of costs; a projected <br />schedule for completion of the work to be performed by the Consultant; and any other <br />additional instructions or provisions relating to the specific Services authorized pursuant <br />to each Work Order that does not conflict with the terms of this Agreement. <br />1.2 Whenever the term "Work Order" is used herein, it is intended to mean that <br />formal document that is dated; serially numbered; and executed 'by both the COUNTY <br />and the Consultant by which the COUNTY accepts Consultant's proposal for specific <br />services and Consultant indicates a willingness to perform such specific services for the <br />terms and under the conditions specified in this Agreement. Each Work Order must be <br />fully executed by the COUNTY prior to issuance of the related Notice -to -Proceed, <br />1.3 Services related to any Work Order which would increase, decrease or <br />which are otherwise outside the scope of Services or level of effort contemplated by the <br />Exhibits shall be Services for which the Consultant must obtain the prior written approval <br />of the COUNTY as provided by this Agreement. All terms for the performance of such <br />Services must be agreed upon in a written document prior to any deviation from the terms <br />of the Work Order and Agreement, and when properly authorized and executed by both <br />the Consultant and the COUNTY shall become an amendment to the Agreement. <br />1.4 The Background Recitals are true and correct and form a material part of <br />this Agreement. <br />2. COUNTY OBLIGATIONS. <br />2.1 The COUNTY will provide the Consultant with a copy of any preliminary <br />data or reports available as required in connection with the work to be performed under <br />this Agreement, together with all available drawings, As -built surveys, GIS maps, and <br />other documents in the possession of the COUNTY pertinent to the Project. The <br />Consultant shall satisfy itself as to accuracy of any data provided. The Consultant is <br />responsible for bringing to the COUNTY's attention, for the COUNTY's resolution, <br />material inconsistencies or errors in such data that come to the Consultant's attention. <br />2.2 The COUNTY shall arrange for access to, and make provisions for the <br />Consultant to enter upon, public and private property (where required) as necessary for <br />the Consultant to perform its Services, upon the timely written request of Consultant to <br />COUNTY. <br />2.3 The COUNTY shall examine any and all studies, reports, sketches, <br />drawings, specifications, proposals and other documents presented by the Consultant, <br />and render, in writing, decisions pertaining thereto within a reasonable time. <br />2.4 Approval by the COUNTY of any of the Consultant's work, including but not <br />limited to drawings, design specifications, written reports, or any work products of any <br />nature whatsoever furnished hereunder, shall not in any way relieve the Consultant of <br />2 <br />F:\Marketing\_Proposals\Florida Counties\Indian River\2017 Indian River County\Proposals\Sector 3 Wabasso <br />Beach\_Contracting\2017-12-21 FEMA Beach Consulting Agreement Sector 3_FINAL.docx <br />