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WORK ORDER NUMBER #10 <br />Jones Pier Phase 1 Wetland Restoration Desien <br />This Work Order Number 10 is entered into as of this 23 day of Januazy2018, pursuant to that <br />certain Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services, dated November 15, 2011, and that <br />certain Extension and Amendment of Continuing Contract Agreement for Professional Services entered into <br />as of the 4th day of November, 2014 (collectively referred to as the "Agreement"), by and between INDIAN <br />RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("COUNTY") and MBV Engineering, Inc. <br />("Consultant"). <br />SCOPE OF WORK <br />It is our understanding that the COUNTY intends to do a wetland restoration design at the existing <br />Jones Pier site located at 7770 Jungle Trail, Vero Beach, FL 32963. <br />The proposed design improvements will consist of wetland restoration design plans that will <br />incorporate a master wetland/wet pond system for the parcel. This improvement will require design <br />services and coordination with the IRC Parks Division staff. It is understood and assumed that the <br />existing conditions survey will be adequate for use in the plans development for this project. As <br />such, MBV Engineering, Inc. will provide the design, exhibit plans, plan details, cost estimates and <br />fill analysis as related to this Phase of the project. A description for each service is provided in below <br />in further detail. <br />Design Services <br />a. Construction Plans <br />The Consultant will prepare 24" x 36" design drawings for the above described <br />improvements in accordance with directions from the Parks Division staff. The design <br />drawings for the Jones Pier Phase 1 Wetland Restoration improvements will include <br />existing conditions plan, Wetland Restoration plan(s), Conceptual Wet Pond design <br />plan, Wetland and plantings Details as provided to Consultant by Parks Division staff, <br />erosion control plan and applicable details plans. Consultant will also provide cut / <br />fill analysis associated with the wet pond and provide assumptions on estimated fill <br />volumes for portions of the overall parcel to be utilized pursuant to COUNTY Parks <br />Division expectations. <br />b. County Reviews <br />The Consultant will coordinate with the COUNTY Parks Division staff during design <br />development for this Phase. COUNTY Parks Division staff shall provide review <br />comments to Consultant and their respective wetland and planting details <br />information in order for Consultant to be able to incorporate into the design plans <br />package. <br />