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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />February 13, 2018 <br />Engineering, Hydrology & Geology Program <br />Division of Water Resource Management <br />Department of Environmental Protection <br />Bob Martinez Center <br />2600 Blair Stone Road M.S. 3595 <br />Tallahassee, Florida 32399 <br />Attn: Robert Brantly, P.E., Program Administrator <br />RE: Request Department evaluation of Indian River County Shoreline (R-51.3 —R-70) for <br />Critically Eroded Shoreline Determination. <br />Dear Mr. Brantly: <br />Pursuant to rule 62B.36-.002(5), F.A.C, Indian River County respectively requests the <br />Department's assistance in evaluating our shoreline between R-51.3 and R-70 for the purposes of <br />a critically eroded shoreline designation. The majority of this shoreline is referred to by the <br />County as Sector 4, with the exception of R-51.3 — R-55 which is within the southern portion of <br />our Sector 3 project area. As highlighted in the County's Beach Preservation Plan (BPP) (2015), <br />the R-51.3 — R-70 beach condition from 1972 to present has changed from stable to accretional <br />to the current erosional condition. Additionally, the erosional condition on these beaches have <br />been amplified recently by Hurricanes Sandy (2012), Matthew (2016), and Irma (2017). <br />The southern portion of Sector 3 and all of Sector 4 shoreline is within the Town of Indian River <br />Shores jurisdiction. Concerned that the beach condition has progressed enough to potentially <br />threaten upland property and important sea -turtle wildlife habitat, the Town has requested <br />assistance from the County regarding this matter. The County will assume the local sponsor <br />responsibilities along this section of shoreline and assigns James Gray, County Natural <br />Resources Manager as the project manager. <br />