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At <br />APTIM <br />February 9, 2018 (revised from 1/31/2018) <br />Mr. James Gray <br />Indian River County <br />Public Works - Coastal Engineering Division <br />1801 27th St, Building A <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br />Subject: Indian River County, FL <br />2018 Sea Turtle Monitoring <br />Sector 3 — 2018006 — Work Order #1 <br />Dear James: <br />Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. <br />2481 NW Boca Raton Blvd. <br />Boca Raton, FL 33431 <br />TeL +1 561 391 8102 <br />Fax: +1 561 391 9116 <br /> <br />This proposal outlines a scope of work for Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. (APTIM) to provide <br />professional services to Indian River County (the County) for permit -required sea turtle monitoring for 2018 in <br />support of the Sector 3 Beach and Dune Restoration Project. The sea turtle monitoring will be managed and <br />coordinated by APTIM, and conducted by APTIM's approved subconsultant, Ecological Associates, Inc. (EAI). The <br />cost was developed following the provisions of the Professional Services Agreement between Indian River County <br />and APTIM, dated January 9, 2018, to provide Engineering and Biological support services for the Sector 3 <br />(Wabasso Beach) Beach and Dune Renourishment Project (RFQ#2018006). <br />Scope of Work <br />APTIM will oversee the scope of work proposed by EAI and provide the necessary administrative coordination to <br />the County. EAI has provided the enclosed proposal and cost breakdown for sea turtle monitoring tasks, which <br />states: <br />Services described herein conform to biological monitoring requirements stipulated in Florida Department of <br />Environmental Protection (FDEP) JCP Permit #0285993 -001 -JC (and associated modifications) and applicable <br />U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Biological Opinions (BOs) for the Sector 3 Project. This work will satisfy <br />requirements for: <br />Year 3 post -construction monitoring for the Sector 3 Dune Repair Project (R-24 to R-55) <br />The following tasks under this work order will be performed, as detailed in Exhibit A: <br />Weekly post -construction escarpment monitoring <br />Post -construction sea turtle monitoring <br />Marking and monitoring of a representative sample of nests to determine nest fate and reproductive <br />success <br />i Comprehensive nighttime lighting evaluations <br />Data management and reporting, as conditioned in regulatory permits for the project <br />Proj. #631235921 <br />