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= MINUTE*-diTTACHED= <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />AGENDA <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1992 <br />9:00 A.M. - COUNTY COMMISSION CHAMBER <br />COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING <br />1840 25TH STREET <br />VERO BEACH, FLORIDA <br />COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS <br />Carolyn <br />K. Eggert, <br />Chairman (Dist. 2) James E. Chandler, County Administrator <br />Fran B. <br />Adams <br />( Dist. <br />1) <br />Richard <br />N. Bird <br />(Dist. <br />5) Charles P. Vitunac, County Attorney <br />Kenneth <br />R. Macht <br />(Dist. <br />3) <br />John W. <br />Tippin <br />(Dist. <br />4) Jeffrey K. Barton, Clerk to the Board <br />9:00 A.M. 1. CALL TO ORDER <br />2. INVOCATION - Rev. G.P. LaBarre, Retired <br />Trinity Episcopal Church <br />3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Comm. Carolyn K. Eggert <br />4. ADDITIONS TO _THE AGENDA/ EMERGENCY ITEMS <br />7.J. Acceptance of Ann Robinson's Surety Bond <br />7.K. Addendum to EMS Matching Fund Grant <br />10.A. Publishing of Agenda in Sebastian Sun <br />10.B. Schedule date for Appeal of Employment Termination <br />13.A. Procedures regarding the Beach Restoration Workshop <br />13.C.1. Resignation of Dan Downey from P & 2 <br />13.C.2. National Conference on Beach Preservation <br />5. PkOCLAMATION AND PRESENTATIONS <br />None <br />6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />Regular Meeting of 9/22/92 <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. Release of Easement Request By: Henry <br />Chambliss 8 Sallie Reese, Lots 23 & 24, Block <br />2 - Kings Music Lands Subdivision <br />( memorandum dated November 17, 1992 ) <br />B. Dock License Agreement - Country Club Pointe, <br />Unit 1 - Francis E. Byrne & Denise P. Byrne <br />( memorandum dated November 23, 1992 ) <br />�. kesolution Authorizing the Director of Utility <br />Services to Execute Liens for Unpaid Utility <br />Services, to Recc. d Them In The Pub6;,� Records, <br />and To Release Them When Paid <br />( memorandum dated November 23. 1 332 ) <br />D. Award IRC Bid 3030/Concession - pec. Dept. <br />( memorandum dated November 19, !9",) <br />DEC -1 1992 BOOK FACE <br />