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ur 2. 9 w <br />BOOK <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (cont'd.): <br />E. Release of County Assessment Liens <br />( memorandum dated December 14, 1992 ) <br />F. Cancelling Taxes on County Property <br />Acquisition <br />( memorandum dated December 10, 1992 ) <br />G. Recommendation of Incumbent Dr. Frederick P. <br />Hobin to the Governor for Reappointment as <br />Medical Examiner <br />( letter dated December 4, 1992 ) <br />H. Award IRC Bid #3040/Sulfuric Acid 8 Antiscaiant <br />( memorandum dated December 7, 1992 ) <br />I. Reappointment of Talmage Rogers, Jr. by Chamber <br />of Commerce to Land Acq. Adv. Comm. <br />( letter dated December 15, 1992 ) <br />J. Resignation of Karl Zimmerman from Code <br />Enforcement Board <br />( letter dated December 15, 1992 ) <br />K. Budget Amendment 005 <br />( memorandum dated December 15, 1992 ) <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS AND <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />9:05 a.m. 9. PUBLIC ITEMS <br />A. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />None <br />B. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />None <br />10. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S MATTERS <br />None <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS <br />A. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />Economic Development Issues Update Report <br />( memorandum dated December 14, 1992 ) <br />B. EMERGENCY SERVICES <br />None <br />-C. GENERAL SERVICES <br />None <br />D. LEISURE SERVICES <br />None <br />PAGE <br />