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11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS (cont'd. ): <br />G. PUBLIC WORKS <br />1. CR 512 Wentworth Ditch Relocation - Sheltra <br />& Son Change Order #2 and Final Pay <br />Application <br />( memorandum dated January 28, 1994 ) <br />2. 1993-94 Road Resurfacing Program and <br />Capital Improvement Schedule <br />(memorandum dated January 28, 1994) <br />H. UTILITIES <br />1. Interest Rate Paid on Deposits <br />(memorandum dated February 2, 1994) <br />2. Artificial Wetland at West Regional WWTP <br />(memorandum dated February 2, 1994) <br />12. COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />None <br />13. COMMISSIONERS ITEMS <br />A. CHAIRMAN JOHN W. TIPPIN <br />B. VICE CHAIRMAN KENNETH R. MACHT <br />C. COMMISSIONER FRAN B. ADAMS <br />D. COMMISSIONER RICHARD N. BIRD <br />E. COMMISSIONER CAROLYN K. EGGERT <br />14. SPECIAL DISTRICTS <br />A. EMERGENCY SERVICES DISTRICT <br />None <br />B. SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT <br />None <br />FEB ® 1994 BOOK 91 F -AGE 678 <br />