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APP j 9 1994 <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (cont'd.) : <br />C. Proclamation Designating April 24 - May 1, 1994 <br />as Soil and Water Stewardship Week in I.R.C. <br />D. Award Bid #4065 / Tractor <br />(memorandum dated April 6, 1994) <br />E. Release of Utility Liens <br />( memorandum dated April 5, 1994 ) <br />F. Release of utility Liens <br />( memorandum dated April 12, 1994 ) <br />G. Occupational Licenses Taxes Collected During <br />Month of March, 1994 <br />(memorandum dated April 8, 1994) <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS AND <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />9:05 a. m. 9. PUBLIC ITEMS <br />A. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />1. Billy Workman's Request to Discuss <br />Resolutions 89-4 and 92-197 Imposing <br />Liens on His Mother's ( Inez Workman) <br />Property - <br />2. John Olbermann Request to Speak Regarding <br />Proposal for Comprehensive County Owned <br />and Operated Shooting Range <br />( letter dated April 12, 1994) <br />B. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />None <br />10. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S MATTERS <br />None <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS <br />A. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />None <br />B. EMERGENCY SERVICES <br />None <br />C. GENERAL SERVICES <br />None <br />D. LEISURE SERVICES <br />None <br />