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JUL 12 1994 <br />9. PUBLIC ITEMS (cont'd. ): <br />A. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS (cont'd. ): <br />2. An Appeal by Halvorsen Development Corp. <br />of a Planning E Zoning Commission Decision <br />to Deny Site Plan Approval for a 46,560 <br />Sq. Ft. Shopping Center at the Southeast <br />Corner of S.R. A -I -A & Mooring Line Drive <br />(memorandum dated July 6, 1994) <br />B. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />None <br />10. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S MATTERS <br />None <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS <br />A. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />None <br />B. EMERGENCY SERVICES <br />None <br />C. GENERAL SERVICES <br />None <br />D. LEISURE SERVICES <br />None <br />E. OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET <br />None <br />F. PERSONNEL <br />None <br />G. PUBLIC WORKS <br />None <br />H. UTILITIES <br />None <br />12. COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />None <br />13. COMMISSIONERS ITEMS <br />A. CHAIRMAN JOHN W. TIPPIN <br />