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EXTENSION TOCONTINUE CONTRACT FOR HOUSING PROGRAM INSPECTION SERVICES <br />AGREEMENT BETWEEN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA AND <br />MY LICENSED ROOFER, LLC (MCALHANY CONSTRUCTION, LLQ <br />This Extension is to Continue Contract Agreement for Housing Program Inspection <br />Services (Extension) on March 6, 2018 between MY LICENSED ROOFER, LL[ (WqCALHANY <br />CONSTRUCTION, LLQ (inspection Firm) whose address is 8120 North US Hwy #1, Veno Beach, <br />Florida 32867 and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, whose <br />address is 180127 th Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 32967 (County). <br />WHEREAS, Indian River County and My Licensed Roofer, LLC /K8oAlhanyConstruction, <br />LLQ signed a contract for h.ousing inspection services dated March 13, 2012; and <br />WHEREAS, per section XVII of the agreement, the contract is valid for five years and at <br />the discretion of the county, could be extended for up to two additional one year terms until <br />March l3,2819;and <br />WHEREAS, the parties mutually desire to extend the Master Agreement term; and <br />WHEREAS, the name of the company changed from My Licensed Roofer, LL[ to <br />McAlhany Construction, LLC; and <br />WHEREAS, staff wants to keep the expiration date of all housing program inspection <br />service agreements the same. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the following mutual covenants and agreements, <br />Indian River County, Florida and McAlhany Construction, LLC agree as follows: <br />1. The Agreement for Housing Program Inspection Services dated March 13, 2012 is <br />hereby extended for an additional 5 year term and shall now expire on June 10, 2024. <br />2. Except aasupplemented herein, the terms and conditions ofthe Master Agreement <br />shall remain in full force and effect. To the extent of any oonDk± between the terms of this <br />Amendment and the terms of the Master- Agreement, the terms of this Amendment shall <br />[THE REMAINDER OF THIS PAGE WAS LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY] <br />r:Noomm" ity mnicxs-wua"onmu"ams\2omBCC Agenda upnaz 18 Extensions untill June /0, 2024\Exteuu" <br />Contract Agreement MyLicensed nou=ooc <br />