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i . <br />STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATIDN <br />LOCAL AGENCY PROGRAM sasotaa2 . <br />SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT <br />.. 07117 <br />ADJUSTED EXHIBIT B SCHEDULE OF FUNDING <br />FPN . P69e $ Of <br />436860-1-58-01 <br />TYPE OF WORK <br />By Plical Year <br />FUNDING . <br />PREWOUSTOTAL <br />PROJECT FUNDS <br />(2) <br />ADDMONAL <br />PROJECT FUNDS <br />(9) .. <br />CURRENTTOTAL <br />PROJECTFUNDS <br />(4) <br />TOTALAGENCY <br />FUNDS <br />(5) . <br />TOTAL.STATEB . <br />FEDERAL FUNDS <br />Planning. <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />Total Plinning Cost <br />0.00 <br />0.0 <br />0.00 <br />$0.00 <br />0.00. <br />Project Development 4, ' <br />Environment (PDAE) <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />Total PD&E Cost <br />S0.00 <br />SO.00 <br />50.00 <br />so.00 <br />$0.00 <br />Deal®n <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />Total Design Cost <br />S0.00 <br />SOM: <br />S0.00Saco <br />Mo <br />Rt9M;of4 fly <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />F: <br />FY: <br />Total ftld-aWai Cost <br />S0,09 <br />$0.00 <br />S0.00 <br />SO.00 <br />SO.00 <br />Cora lluctlon <br />FY: 2018 <br />FY: 2018- <br />FY: 2018 <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />Total Construction Cost <br />$475.970.00 <br />$476.970.00 <br />559.250.00. <br />$416:720.00 <br />562.116.00 <br />582.116.00 <br />$62.116.00 <br />$2.450.00. <br />$2,050.00 <br />- <br />$478.836.00 <br />S47S.970.00 <br />$82.116.00 <br />S540,1W.00 <br />961,300.00 <br />Construction Engineering and <br />Inspection (CEI) <br />Fr. 2018 <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />FY:. <br />FY: <br />FY: <br />Total CEI Cost <br />Tots) Construction & CEI Costs <br />550.008.00 <br />$50.006.00 <br />550.006.00 <br />$0,00. <br />S50 0D <br />QQ <br />SO.00 <br />SUSAM00 <br />562,116.00 <br />142:00 <br />111 306.00 <br />S478imop <br />TOTAL COST OF THE <br />PROJECT <br />$RS976„O <br />$6ZJ 16.00 <br />M.142.00 <br />5711.3 .00 <br />5478.836.00 <br />a <br />i. <br />