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. AgNeemen't <br />` <br />' | | Subdivision ofthe State ofRor�a <br />TH|�AG���K8ENT�by�ndbetween|NDU�NR�ERODUNTYaPo�cm�u ��k�n <br />organized and existing undertheLaws ofthe State ufFlorida, (hereinafter called OWNER) and CER LSignature <br />Cleaning (heneinoftercalled CONTRACTOR). OWNER and CONTRACTOR, in consideration of the mutual <br />covenants hereinafter set forth, aQreeasfollows: <br />BACKGROUND RECITALS: <br />A. Through the competitive 'Request forPnmposa|(RpP)pnncesa the COUNTY has selected CONTRACTOR <br />to provide cust6di - al services at various facilities as more fully set forth in Exhibit I (Required Duties and <br />Frequencies) and Exhibit 2 (Contractor's Price Proposal Form) attached to this Agreement and made a part <br />hereof by this reference. <br />B. The proposed work consists ofscheduled custodial services at County -owned facilities, as.clescribed in |ities,os.describedin <br />th.e Request for Proposal document (RFP 2018018, issued on November 15, 2017, "RFP") ("Services"). <br />C. The CONTRACTOR is willing and able to perform the Services for the COUNTY on the terms and <br />conditions set forth below; and <br />D. The COUNTY and the CONTRACTOR wish to enter into this Agreement for the Contractor's Services for <br />the Project. <br />NOW THEREFORE, in accondanoe'vvbh the mutual covenants herein contained and other good arid <br />valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency ofwhich are hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as <br />1. GENERAL. <br />1.1 The Background Recitals are true and correct and form a material part of this Agreement.. <br />1.I[ONTRA[7OKw8provideyervicesatthefoUow\n8fad|ities: <br />Group 4_ <br />North County Library, 1001 Fellsmere Rd., (CR 512), Sebastian, FL <br />2. COUNTY OBLIGATIONS. <br />�.1 The COUNTY will provide explanation of layout ofinJ,ividua| buildings and familiarization with any <br />` <br />2.2 The COUNTY shall provide training for operation ofsecurity systems. <br />2.3 The COUNTY shall provide emergency caU&t for all facilities. <br />2.41 The COUNTY shall provide the following supplies for utilization for restrooms and offices: <br />1 <br />