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*% INDIAN RIVER COUNTY CLASS "B" <br />CERTIFICATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY <br />WHEREAS, Falck Southeast II Corp., DBA American Ambulance Service has requested <br />authorization to provide interfacility ambulance medical transportation originating within Indian <br />River County ; and, <br />WHEREAS, the above named service affirms that it will maintain compliance with the <br />requirements of the Indian River County Code of Ordinances Chapter 304, Life Support and <br />Wheelchair Services. <br />THEREFORE, the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners hereby issue a <br />Class "E" & Class "B" Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to said Company to <br />provide Wheelchair/Stretcher and Interfacility Ambulance Medical Transportation Services. <br />Certificate Type: CLASS B <br />Date of Expiration: March 27 2020 " <br />(Unless certificate is sooner revoked or suspended.):iTv�c0'1j�.-- <br />s . Effective Date:i'� ar101'8! ,,' <br />Limitations: Interfacility Ambulance Medical �p S ''�`��S <br />Transportation Services Only ^ Jz: <br />Approved by the Indian River County Peter D. O'B�(Chain <br />Board of County Commissioners on Board of County Corrimissioi <br />March 20, 2018 <br />