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AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES <br />THIS AGREEMENT for PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES <br />("Agreement"), entered into as of this 3rd day of Anril , 2018 by and <br />between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, whose <br />address is 1801 27th Street, Vero Beach FL 32960 ("COUNTY"), and Aptim Environmental <br />& Infrastructure, Inc., whose address is 2481 NW Boca Raton Blvd. Boca Raton FL <br />33431 ("Consultant"): <br />BACKGROUND RECITALS: <br />A. i In accordance with the Consultants' Competitive Negotiations Act, Section <br />287.055, Florida Statutes, the COUNTY solicited Requests for Statements of Qualification <br /># 2018029 for Professional coastal engineering and biological support services related to <br />the management and renourishment of the Sector 5 Project area. <br />B. As a result of its response, the County has selected Consultant to provide <br />certain professional services relating to Engineering and Biological support services <br />"Services" for Sector 5 (City of Vero Beach) Beach and Dune Renourishment Project <br />("Project") as more fully set forth in the Scope of Services attached as Exhibit A to this <br />Agreement and made a part by reference. <br />I <br />C. Consultant has submitted an Hourly Rate Schedule attached as Exhibit B <br />to this Agreement and made a part by reference. <br />D. The Consultant is willing and able to perform the Services for the COUNTY <br />on the terms and conditions set forth below; and <br />E. The COUNTY and the Consultant wish to enter into this Agreement for the <br />Consultant's Services for the Project. <br />NOW THEREFORE, in accordance with the mutual covenants herein contained <br />and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are <br />hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows: <br />GENERAL. <br />1.1 All professional services provided by the Consultant for the COUNTY shall <br />be provided consistent with All professional services provided by the Consultant for the <br />COUNTY shall be identified in Work Orders and performed in a timely, efficient, cost <br />effective manner, and in accordance with the current professional standards of the <br />applicable discipline. Work Orders shall include a description of services to be performed; <br />a statement of fees; a schedule of deliverables; proposed schedule for compensation and <br />whether compensation is lump sum, maximum amount not -to -exceed, task based, or any <br />combination of the foregoing; a budget establishing the amount of compensation to be <br />F:\Marketing\_Proposals\Florida Counties\Indian River\2017 Indian River County\Proposals\Sector 5 Vero Beach\ Contracting\3-7- <br />18 FEMA Beach Consulting Agreement Sector 5_DRAFT.DOCX <br />