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RESOLUTION NO. 95-59 <br />RESOLUTION FOR ASSISTANCE <br />UNDER THE FLORIDA INLAND NAVIGATION DISTRICT <br />WATERWAYS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM <br />WHEREAS, The Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br />(hereinafter "the Board") is interested in carrying out the <br />following described project for the enjoyment of the citizenry of <br />Indian River County and the State of Florida: <br />Project Title: Developing Educational Opportunities and Riverfront <br />Improvements at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation <br />Area (Phase II) <br />Total Estimated Cost: $192,100 <br />Brief Description of Project: <br />The project will provide multiple educational opportunities <br />for waterways -related systems. Proposed improvements to <br />provide educational opportunities and passive resource-based <br />recreational access include: a +200 square foot canoe dock; <br />+600 square foot marsh view/fishing pier; +20 high observation <br />platform; +1,650 square feet of boardhaalk/wetland crossovers; <br />walking/nature trails; educational sign displays; and parking <br />facilities. <br />AND, Florida Inland Navigation District financial assistance <br />is required for the program mentioned above, <br />NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board that the project <br />described above be authorized, <br />AND, be it further resolved that the Board make application to <br />the Florida Inland Navigation District in the amount of 47 % of the <br />actual cost of the project in behalf of said Indian River County <br />residents, <br />AND, be it further resolved by the Board that it certifies to <br />the following: <br />1. That it will accept the terms and conditions set forth in FIND <br />Rule 16T-2 F.A.C. which will be a part of the Project <br />Agreement for any assistance awarded under the attached <br />proposal. <br />Form No. 90-11 <br />Rev. 10-14-92 <br />