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EXHIBIT #A <br />Amendment #1 to <br />Work Order Number 13 <br />Roseland Elevated Tank Conversion <br />to <br />Repump Station <br />PROJECT UNDERSTANDING <br />Further evaluation of the electrical power and controls design is warranted due to concerns over <br />any potential electrical fire within the steel elevated storage tank. The evaluation should <br />compare the costs and potential damage from an electrical fire within the elevated storage tank. <br />An alternate route for the tank fill influent watermain is also required due to significant <br />constraints and other utilities within the original corridor. The addition of SCADA system <br />integration and programming scope originally not included in the scope is also desired by IRCU <br />staff in order to provide more control and flexibility in the operation of the station. <br />The following scope of services consists of engineering evaluation, survey and re -design of an <br />alternate watermain route, and SCADA system programming. <br />SCOPE OF SERVICES <br />Task 1— Electrical Building Design <br />Consultant will provide an evaluation and alternate design to include a stand-alone separate pre- <br />fabricated building to house the electrical and controls exterior to the elevated storage tank. The <br />evaluation will consider costs of protecting from potential fire of the electrical gear within the <br />elevated storage tank versus the costs of a separate pre -fabricated structure to house the electrical <br />power and controls for the pump station. <br />Consultant will update the design drawings to include a new pre -fabricated electrical building, <br />including electrical design drawings, electrical site plan, single line diagrams, control panel <br />schematics, and details for a new booster pump station being powered and controlled via VFD's <br />and PLC control system. <br />Consultant will prepare specifications for a pre -fabricated building, and coordinate with up to <br />three (3) vendors that ,can supply the structure. <br />Task 2 — Survey Update and Alternate Watermain Design <br />Consultant will update the topographic survey to include an alternate route of approximately <br />700 -ft of watermain from Roseland Rd to the tank site. All work will be constructed on Indian <br />