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th <br />I <br />ENGINEERS <br />April 13,201,8 <br />Indian River County <br />180127th Street <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br />REI ENGINEERS EXHIBIT °A' <br />10150 Highland Manor Drive, Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33610 <br />PHONE 813.944.2137 FAx 813.419.7302 <br />Attention: Andrew Sobczak <br />Infrastructure Project Manager <br />Reference: Proposal for Engineering Services <br />Indian River Waste Water Treatment Plant <br />Contract Documents and Construction Administration <br />REI Proposal No. P18TPA-005 Revision 1 <br />Dear Mr. Sobczak: <br />In response to our recent discussions, we are pleased to submit this proposal for your consideration. The <br />roof areas outlined in this proposal include shingle roof sections of the facility located at 8405 8ffi <br />Street,Vero Beach, Florida 32968 (totaling approximately 2,855 square feet). The following is ,an outline <br />of the proposed services for Contract Documents and Construction Administration: <br />I. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br />A. Conduct the site visit(s) to develop detailed Contract Documents for the subject building. <br />B. Extract roof samples to identify roof system composition and condition. Cored locations <br />to be repaired with compatible materials. <br />C. Perform the following engineering design calculations for all roof areas which will be . <br />sealed by a Licensed Engineer: <br />1. Determine design wind loads in accordance with ASCE 7 as required by the current <br />edition of the State Building Code. <br />2. Primary and secondary (overflow) drainage for compliance with the current edition <br />of the State Plumbing Code. <br />3. Existing and proposed roof system R -Value for compliance with the current edition <br />of the State Energy Conservation Code. <br />4. Estimate existing and proposed roof system dead load unit weights to determine <br />load change and the need for a structural analysis. If a structural analysis is <br />required, REI will coordinate applicable work with a licensed Structural Engineer. <br />The cost for the structural analysis (if necessary) is not included in this proposal. <br />D. Prepare comprehensive scaled drawings for conditions present to ensure competitive bids <br />are received. All plans and details to be developed on Computer Aided Drafting <br />(AutoCAD). <br />ROOFING, WATERPROOFING AND BUILDING ENVELOPE ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS <br /> <br />AN EMPLOYEE -OWNED COMPANY <br />