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STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />STATE -FUNDED GRANT AGREEMENT <br />525-010-60 <br />PROGRAM MANAGEMENT <br />01/18 <br />FPN: 436416-1-54-01 Fund: SCOP FLAIR Category: 085576 <br />Org Code: 55043010404 FLAIR Obj: 751000 <br />FPN: <br />Fund: _ <br />Org Code: <br />Fund: _ <br />Org Code: <br />FLAIR Category: <br />FLAIR Obj: <br />FLAIR Category: <br />FLAIR Obj: <br />County No:88 Contract No: G-OW37 Vendor No: VF -596-000-679-003 <br />THIS STATE -FUNDED GRANT AGREEMENT ("Agreement') is entered into on MCI I LQ , 2,01 R , <br />(This dat t be entered by DOT only) <br />by and between the State of Florida Department of Transportation, ("Department"), and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />("Recipient"). The <br />Department and the Recipient are sometimes referred to in this Agreement as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties" <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual benefits to be derived from joint participation on the Project, the Parties <br />agree to the following: <br />Authority: The Department is authorized to enter into this Agreement pursuant to Sections 334.044, 334.044(7), <br />and (select the applicable statutory authority for the program(s) below): <br />❑ Section 339.2817 Florida Statutes, County Incentive Grant Program (CIGP), (CSFA 55.008) <br />M Section 339.2818 Florida Statutes, Small County Outreach Program (SCOP), (CSFA 55.009) <br />❑ Section 339.2816 Florida Statutes, Small County Road Assistance Program (SCRAP), (CSFA 55.016) <br />❑ Section 339.2819 Florida Statutes, Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP), (CSFA 55.026) <br />❑ Insert Legal Authority, Insert Funding Program Name , Insert CSFA Number <br />The Recipient by Resolution or other form of official authorization, a copy -of which is attached as Exhibit "E", <br />Recipient Resolution, and made a part of this Agreement, has authorized its officers to execute this Agreement <br />on its behalf. <br />2. Purpose of Agreement: The purpose of this Agreement is to provide for the Department's participation in the <br />Construction (Reclamation/Resurfacing) of 58th Avenue/CR-613 from 57th Street to 85th Street/ CR -510 , as further <br />described in Exhibit "A", Project Description and Responsibilities, attached to and incorporated into this <br />Agreement ("Project"); to provide Department financial assistance to the Recipient; state the terms and conditions <br />upon which Department funds will be provided; and to set forth the manner in which the Project will be undertaken <br />and completed. <br />3. Term of the Agreement, Commencement and Completion of the Project: This Agreement shall commence <br />upon full execution by both Parties and the Recipient shall complete the Project on or before JUNE 30, 2020. If the <br />Recipient does not complete the Project within this time period, this Agreement will expire on the last day of the <br />scheduled completion as provided in this paragraph unless an extension of the time period is requested by the <br />Recipient and granted in writing by the Department prior to the expiration of this Agreement. Expiration of this <br />Agreement will be considered termination of the Project. The Recipient acknowledges that no funding for the Project <br />will be provided by the State under this Agreement for work on the Project that is not timely completed and invoiced <br />in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, or for work performed prior to full execution of the Agreement. <br />Notwithstanding the expiration of the required completion date provided in this Agreement and the consequent <br />potential unavailability of any unexpended portion of State funding to be provided under this Agreement, the <br />Page 1 of 14 <br />