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EXHIBIT A - SCOPE OF WORK <br />It is our understanding that the COUNTY intends to provide sidewalk improvements along 43,d Avenue <br />between Airport West Drive and 4151 Street. The proposed design improvements will consist of 8' wide <br />sidewalks with pedestrian ramps and crossings, drainage design, culvert, and headwall with pedestrian <br />railing. Utility coordination with Utility owners within 43,d Avenue right-of-way will be conducted as <br />part of the design process. <br />MBV Engineering, Inc. will provide the design plans and cost estimates as related to this project. A <br />description for each service is provided in below in further detail. <br />1. Survey (Existing Conditions) <br />The Consultant will utilize the existing boundary and topographic survey provided by Indian <br />River -County for the area to receive the improvements. <br />2. Desien Services <br />a. Construction Plans <br />The Consultant will prepare 11" x 17" design drawings, signed & sealed, for the above <br />described improvements. The design drawings will include typical sections, summary of <br />- quantities, project layout and control, roadway plan and profiles, cross sections, and <br />erosion control details. <br />b. Construction Cost Estimate <br />The Consultant will prepare estimates of probable construction costs (based upon FDOT <br />Basis of Estimates) at 90, and 100 percent levels of the design completion. <br />C. County Reviews <br />The Consultant will attend two (2) progress review meetings with the COUNTY <br />Engineering Department staff at approximately 90, and 100 percent levels of the design <br />completion. A single set of review comments shall be provided to Consultant from <br />COUNTY Engineering Division staff prior to each review meeting. <br />3. Permitting / Bidding Services <br />The Consultant will prepare the following permit application and associated submittals for the <br />following agencies: <br />• Indian River County Right -of -Way Permit (Fee Not Applicable) <br />• St. Johns River Water Management District ERP General Permit ($250) <br />No endangered species or other ecological permitting is anticipated or included herein. <br />The Consultant shall respond to up to one (1) request for additional information by the permitting <br />agency. <br />The Consultant will be responsible for the above listed permit fee. <br />The COUNTY shall be responsible for setting the bid opening date, advertisement of the bid, scheduling <br />the pre-bid meeting, and scheduling the bid opening. The Consultant will prepare a .pdf of the Technical <br />