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WORK ORDER NUMBER 1 <br />INDIAN RIVER BLVD AND GRAND HARBOR BLVD — MAST ARMS <br />Project Number: IRC -1806 <br />This Work Order Number 1 is entered into as of this 8t—hday of May 2018, pursuant <br />to that certain Continuing Consulting Engineering Services Agreement for Professional Services <br />entered into as of this 17th day of April, 2018 (collectively referred to as the "Agreement"), by <br />and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida ("COUNTY") <br />and KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES, INC. ("Consultant"). <br />The COUNTY has selected the Consultant to perform the professional services set forth on <br />Exhibit A (Scope of Work), attached to this Work Order and made part hereof by this reference. <br />The professional services will be performed by the Consultant for the fee schedule set forth in <br />Exhibit B (Fee Schedule), attached to this Work Order and made a part hereof by this reference. <br />The Consultant will perform the professional services within the timeframe more particularly <br />set forth in Exhibit C (Time Schedule), attached to this Work Order and made a part hereof by <br />this reference all in accordance with the terms and provisions set forth in the Agreement. <br />Pursuant to paragraph 1.4 of the Agreement, nothing contained in any Work Order shall conflict <br />with the terms of the Agreement and the terms of the Agreement shall be deemed to be <br />incorporated in each individual Work Order as if fully set forth herein. <br />EXH IBIT A — SCOPE OF WORK <br />Indian River Blvd & Grand Harbor Blvd Signalization - Mast Arm Assembly <br />The COUNTY desires to improve the intersection by installation of a mast arm traffic <br />signal, pedestrian crosswalks and curb ramps, including sidewalk ramps and landings, <br />associated signage and miscellaneous pavement markings as needed. Review the left turn lane <br />lengths in both directions of the Indian River Boulevard and adjust to standard requirements. <br />It is understood that the COUNTY will provide the geotechnical investigation findings necessary <br />to support the foundation design calculations. <br />A. Topographic Design Survey: <br />The Consultant shall provide topographic design survey services necessary to support and <br />='facilitate contemplated design and permitting activities associated with this project. This <br />task will consist of the preparation of digital base map topographic surveys in accordance <br />with the Florida Minimum Technical Standards set forth by the Florida Board of Professional <br />Surveyors in Chapter 61G17-6, Florida Administrative Code, pursuant to Section 472.027, <br />Florida Statutes. <br />I I P a g e <br />